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See this picture?

It’s one of my favorite pictures taken at on set, and is of my favorite quilting gal pal, Helen Gregory and me right before we taped a segment with her for Quilting Arts TV. She’s been our Managing Editor for the Quilt & Paper Group for almost five years…a job, quite frankly, she is overqualified for.

It’s with great joy I share that as of December 1, Helen Gregory will become the Editorial Director of the Quilt and Paper Group at Interweave. I am so happy for her, and know in my heart she will do a fantastic job.

You may wonder where I might be going. Well, I have good news on that front, too. I am heading down to Houston, Texas, to join another team of quilt people that I adore: Quilts, Inc., those friendly, hard-working folks who put on the International Quilt Festivals, Markets, etc. Starting in January, I am going to step into a new role there as Chief Creative Officer, which basically means I get to have a lot of fun with them in scheming more fun adventures in quilting.

Quilting Arts is–and always will be–my baby. Frankly it’s a little hard for me to separate my identity from this publication, but  at the end of the year, it’s time for a new editor to take her (or his) creative talents, vision, and passion for art quilting and bring Quilting Arts to the next level.

I am confident this will be a very smooth transition and I am glad I will still be an editorial advisor for this group (and have a reason to stay in frequent contact with my friends here who are like family to me).

I want to thank everyone in the quilting world who have made working on Quilting Arts so, so much fun. Especially our fans, here are just a few of the comments we received when we broke the big news:

From Member MellyT on 9/30/2011

Wow Helen and Pokey! I am happy for both of you. Major change and all for the good.

From Member lrond01on 9/30/2011

Congratulations for the both of you. Pokey, I will miss your fun personality and your crazy spontaneity that transpires in everything you’ve done in putting together QA and breathing life into it . I’m sure you want to say that you have a great team to support you. But they would agree with me in saying that they had a great leader. Quilting Arts is one of the most inspirational magazine I’ve read. Keep on the good work Helen!

From Member Jeannie EVH on 9/30/2011

Congratulations to you both!!! Pokey, thank you for creating Quilting Arts. You really changed quilt magazines for the better.

From Member Darla111 on 10/1/2011

Pokey – kudos to you for passing the torch…you inspire me…great adventures to you and to those who fill your shoes…

Cheers to you…


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