I Love This Quilt: Free Appliqué Quilt Pattern

I Love This Quilt

“Miss Kyra,” my choice for an I Love This Quilt remake, has been one of the most popular appliqué quilt patterns in the McCall’s Quilting magazine collection. Quilt artist Erin Russek originally designed “Miss Kyra” for the July/August 2013 issue of McCall’s Quilting. It has since appeared in The Best of McCall’s Quilting ebook, Summer 2016, and still reigns as a wonderful example of a quilt showcasing the classic Dresden Plate design, along with Erin’s signature floral designs. As the romance copy in the pattern says, “Miss Kyra” is an appliqué-lover’s dream … and a fun skill-builder! And, you can download the free appliqué quilt pattern here.

I chose “Miss Kyra” for my I Love This Quilt because:

    Miss Kyra quilt

    “Miss Kyra” • designed by Erin Russek • McCall’s Quilting, July/August 2013

  1. I love hand appliqué and Erin’s fantabulous designs,
  2. I wanted the challenge of taking the appliqué quilt elements of a quilt pattern to create my own design, and,
  3. I thought it would be fun to take a traditional appliqué quilt block pattern (in this case the Dresden Plate) to make a Halloween quilt.


Riley Blake Designs Fab-Boo-lous

Riley Blake Designs • Fab-BOO-lous • designed by Dani Mogstad

To start with, I fell in love with Riley Blake Design’s Fab-BOO-lous by Dani Mogstad, a very fun collection of flying witches, hats and bright Halloween-colored prints. It was this fabric collection that led me to noodling about the possibilities for a unique Halloween quilt design.


Quilt templates

Miss Kyra” pattern templates

Next, I thought of the “Miss Kyra” quilt and decided to enlarge its appliqué templates for a spin on a modern quilt design with the shapes.


Enlarged pattern templates

“Miss Kyra’s” enlarged pattern templates

I used my home printer’s sizing function to enlarge the templates. Starting with the original templates from the pattern, I selected a percentage on the printer to enlarge each one to make different sized flowers for my quilt. I enlarged the original Dresden Plate template to make 3 flowers, one 250% larger, and then again from the original size to make 200% and 150% larger sized templates.

Note:, even though the templates for the daisy flower, circular center and leaves aren’t shown in the photo below, I also resized these templates to enlarge them by 150%.


Dresden Stem

The Dresden Stem

Now, you may have also noticed and wondered about the 4th version of the Dresden Plate in the photo above. I merely cut strips of various sizes to make four of the stems for my flowers. I decreased the original template by 75% to try a twist (literally) for one of the stems. I found the inspiration for this eye-catching stem in a book by Mary M. Hogan, Classic to Contemporary String Quilts.


Halloween-themed Dresden Plate

Halloween-themed Dresden Plate

I made the Dresden plate blocks using a piecing method described by Diane Harris in a free Block Builders Workshop.


Miss Kyra redesign

“Miss Kyra,” using the elements of a quilt pattern

I positioned the flowers on the quilt’s background to get a pleasing modern quilt design, hand appliquéd the Dresden flowers and stem, using Erin’s stitching method, and machine appliquéd daisy-shaped pieces in place. I’m very pleased with my Dresden Witches Halloween quilt. I’m planning an edge-to-edge flying witches motif over the entire surface, with stitch in the ditch quilting on the flowers and the Dresden Plate stem to give them extra attention.


I Love This Quilt pattern shot
Download “Miss Kyra” a free appliqué quilt pattern here to make Erin’s traditional appliqué quilt design. I invite you to take on the challenge of using the elements to make your own unique version!

Happy Quilting,


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