I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts – Part Two

Gigi 225px I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts Part TwoGigi’s pick for the I Love This Quilt! page, Nuts & Bolts by Sandy Klop, appears in the January/February 2016 issue of McCall’s Quilting.

Download the Nuts and Bolts free lap quilt pattern here.

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Hi again! I’m back to share the progress I’ve made on my version of Sandy Klop’s Nuts and Bolts. In November, I shared that I do indeed love this quilt pattern and blogged about selecting fabrics to make it myself. I had sewn a few strip sets to get started, but hadn’t made much progress beyond that.

Well, thanks to a little break over the holidays, I was able to get much more done! I finished sewing all of the strip sets and cut them into wedges for the 12 bullseyes. Even though the wedges still have to be sewn together, it was pretty satisfying putting them all up on my design wall.

ILTQ2 Photo 1 I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts Part Two

All 12 bullseyes arranged on the design wall.

So now that those bullseyes are done, it was time to make a decision as to what I’d use for the kite-shaped ‘background’ patches. In the original quilt, Sandy used multiple colors, but I didn’t want to do that. So one of my challenges ended up being finding a fabric I really liked for those patches and having enough of it. I had a number of fat quarters that would have been really interesting as background, but there was simply not enough fabric so that was that.

I ended up with two choices that I liked pretty well. One is a print with cherries and thin stripes on navy, the other is a cute fruit and floral scatter print also on navy. I cut a few patches from each to see how they would look.

I thought that since the cherry print had thin stripes, the stripes might add a bit of movement to the patches. One the patches were on the design wall, however, it was pretty clear that the stripes don’t register at all. The patches look pretty dark, and that’s OK, but it’s a little lackluster to my eye.

ILTQ2 Photo 2 I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts Part Two

Cherries and thin stripes. But it mostly just looks dark, doesn’t it? As well as kind of blurry; sorry about that.

So I tried the other print, which I definitely prefer. It’s really fun, and the pops of color from the tiny print aren’t overpowered by the graphic bullseyes.

ILTQ2 Photo 3 I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts Part Two

Fruits and flowers. I think it’s a winner.

I was pretty sure I’d made my decision, but sometimes a side-by-side comparison is more helpful.

ILTQ2 Photo 4 I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts Part Two

Side by side. Which would you choose?

ILTQ2 Photo 5 I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts Part Two

Single pieced patch.

A bit of cherry and stripe print fabric was sacrificed to cut those kite-shaped patches, but it helped me make a decision that I’m happy with, so I’ll get over it. I went ahead and cut the rest of the patches using the fruit and floral print. Would you believe that I had just enough fabric to cut all but one of the patches?! I had to piece the last one.

Now, for the outer patches. Sandy used solid black in her original quilt, which I thought looked so cool. But black wouldn’t really work for mine, against that navy print. I used rather traditional prints throughout the entire quilt, and nothing I had used so far made sense. So I got a little non-traditional and dug out a really pretty pastel print from the Vivid collection from Robert Kaufman. It basically contains all the light, pastel colors that are used in the bullseyes, even though stylistically it’s quite different. You can see for yourself, maybe you’ll like it as much as I do!

ILTQ2 Photo 6 I Love This Quilt! Nuts and Bolts Part Two

Quilt center arranged on the design wall. But will there be borders?

Now at this point, I could just sew everything together and be done with my quilt top. But… I have some leftover strip sets, as well as more of the pastel print. Are there multiple borders in this quilt’s future? Maybe. You may have noticed that I often (though not always!) make decisions as I go, rather than planning everything beforehand, so I may have to think, calculate and do some more arranging on my design wall before I decide for sure. I have to sew all this together first, but I’ll keep you posted!


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