I Love This Quilt: Nuts & Bolts is Finished!

It’s finally finished and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may remember way back to 2015 when I started making this version of Nuts & Bolts, designed by Sandy Klop. Read about the planning and construction of this quilt here and here.

So, when I last wrote about this quilt I had finished the blocks and all the piecing, and according to Sandys pattern, that should have completed the quilt top. But I decided I wanted to add borders to use more of the pastel fabric Id used around the blocks and to make the quilt bigger. I cut borders on the crosswise grain as wide as I possibly could to use up the remainder of the pastel print. Then it was basted and ready to quilt.

I planned to do everything with free-motion quilting on my home sewing machine. The blocks themselves inspired my quilting motif; the bullseye look would work perfectly with a spider web motif, using the seam intersections as anchors for the web. I did a navy thread in the light strips and light thread in the navy strips to get contrast. I did a leaf motif in a navy thread the diamond-shaped navy patches you cant see it from the front of the quilt center but it looks great on the back and in the borders.

nuts n bolts 2 quilting in the blocks 300x225 I Love This Quilt: Nuts & Bolts is Finished!

Quilting in the blocks

nuts n bolts 3 leaf motif from the back of the quilt 300x225 I Love This Quilt: Nuts & Bolts is Finished!

Leaf motif from the back of the quilt

One thing I like about how I cut the borders extra wide is that they are slightly wider than a half-motif, so I was able to show off the center of the spider web motif all around the edge of the quilt. I like the extra graphic touch it adds to the very edge of the quilt, and it gives the really wide borders more of a purpose.

nuts n bolts 4 spider web motif in the borders I Love This Quilt: Nuts & Bolts is Finished!

Spiderweb motif in the borders

For the back, I used various pastel prints that appealed to me, like the totally rad 80s print and the woven checkered fabric. I included some of the strip piecing segments that weren’t needed for the front.

Quilt back quilted, plus cat

I was pretty much out of the navy prints I used in the quilt, so for the binding, I cut up what little I had and then used whatever navy prints I could find in my stash to make the remainder of the binding. It’s pretty scrappy but I think it works.

nuts n bolts 6 scrappy navy binding 150x150 I Love This Quilt: Nuts & Bolts is Finished!

Scrappy navy binding

It’s so fun to choose a great pattern and make a quilt that looks completely different. The original quilt is always beautiful, but I like to see how far the pattern can change just by making different color and value decisions. I’m glad Sandy Klop designed her quilt the way she did, and it inspired me to get creative and switch it up a bit. Thanks, Sandy I love this quilt!

nuts n bolts 7 i love this quilt I Love This Quilt: Nuts & Bolts is Finished!

I love this quilt!