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We’re giddy with excitement for this year’s QuiltCon, but while we cross the days off one by one on our calendar we thought we’d take a look back at some of the quilts from QuiltCon 2018. The QuiltCon 2018’s Juried Quilt Show featured a wealth of modern quilts by members of the Modern Quilt Guild. These quilts represent some of the best in design, craftsmanship, and innovation. Let’s immerse our senses in some modern quilts!

Modern Traditionalism

Modern traditionalism is such a wide and varied genre of quilt. I love how in this quilt by Wanda A. Dotson the block used is immediately recognizable while feeling vibrant and fresh at the same time. Not only has Wanda created a piece that makes us want to look closer, her color and value placement (down to the color changing binding) draw us in. This quilt features hand quilting—we can’t wait to see the hand quilting QuiltCon is sure to feature this year!

“Mod Drunk” • Wanda A. Dotson | Photos by Mellisa Mahoney

“Mod Drunk” • Wanda A. Dotson | Photos by Mellisa Mahoney

“Mod Drunk”

56″ × 70″
Wanda A. Dotson
Central Virginia MQG
Colonial Heights, Virginia
“Mod Drunk” explores the design element ‘emphasis,’ as seen in Carolyn Friedlander’s book Savor Each Stitch. The project involved a block with ten pieces. By changing the color of each piece she changed which part stood out. I had observed a friend’s traditional block sampler and mused about how the Drunkard’s Path stood out, and I liked it a lot. I started making quarter circles and experimented with changing the emphasis in this traditional block to make something unique. The hand quilting also explores emphasis by using the same color thread in the background.
Machine pieced, hand quilted.

Triangles Galore

Equilateral triangles in quilting always amaze me! This amazingly crafted quilt by Vicky F. Mueller is no exception. I love how the points of the mountain peaks juxtapose perfectly with the precise grid line quilting. More triangles, please!

“The Switzerland Quilt” • Vicky F. Mueller

“The Switzerland Quilt” • Vicky F. Mueller

“The Switzerland Quilt”

70″ × 90″
Vicky F. Mueller
Individual MQG Member
Karlsruhe, Germany
“The Switzerland Quilt” puts a spin on the classical composition of a main subject on a neutral backdrop. Instead of putting a focus design on a light background, the dark mountain motif is set on a lively background that shifts from cold to warm colors. Each color group is represented by one pastel and one saturated shade to add depth to the design. This evokes a picture of a diverse Swiss landscape like the one that inspired this design. This quilt is composed of equilateral triangles pieced with the foundation paper piecing method.
Machine pieced and quilted.

Quilts with a Message

Regardless of your views, opinions, or values, this stunning group quilt is a breathtaking example of color, precision, and thought. Quilt art as a political voice is part of our shared quilting history. We can’t wait to see the amazing quilts at QuiltCon this year that express artistic voice!

“Women’s Work” • Melanie Tuazon

“Women’s Work” • Melanie Tuazon

“Women’s Work”

70″ × 70″
Melanie Tuazon
North Jersey MQG
Livingston, New Jersey
“Women’s Work” is a group quilt that depicts a glass ceiling. The glass is cracked but not broken, the panes inspired by the Javits Center where a victory party was planned for November 8, 2016. It represents the mourning of that loss and the obstacles that still prevent the achievement of feminist goals. Thirteen quilters made improv blocks that represent their own feelings and interpretation of the election of 2016: Jeanine Bowen, Aleeda Crawley, Sarah Fader, Ashley Hinton, Karin Jordan, Alyson Olander, Krishma Patel, Melissa Quaal, Michelle Reiter, Virginia Robinson, Anne Sullivan, Melanie Tuazon, and Kitty Wilkin.
Inspired by the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY, ceiling architecture. Cotton
and linen; machine pieced and quilted.

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