International Quilt Festival 2019: Sapphire Collection

Sapphire Collection

When I went to my phone to collect the photos I took at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas last week, I got excited all over again just seeing the pictures.

I went with my sister, Angie and our friend, Lois. We had a wonderful time.

This was the 45th anniversary for Festival so there was a wonderful display of blue and white quilts called The Sapphire Celebration. There were dozens of blue and white quilts; antique quilts, modern quilts, traditional quilts, everything imaginable.

Sapphire Collection

The Sapphire Celebration

The quilt on the left was part of the Sapphire Celebration exhibit. It is Feathered Stars by Zvia Strahilevitz-Klein from Israel.

There are basically two sections at Festival; the vendors and the exhibits. If you are planning a trip to the Festival, I think you should plan to spend at least two days. There is so much to see.

I didn’t spend a lot at the vendors. I did buy one cute pattern from Swan Amity Studios. Check out her raccoon family. And notice the wonderful quilting on the back. She switched thread colors as she quilted the different areas so it really is special.

Sapphire collection

“Meet the Bandits” by Swan Amity Studios

I’ve been telling my sister for several months that I love my AccuQuilt Go! And look what she purchased.

Sapphire Collection

Angie with Her New Toy

We spent some time looking at the exhibits. They were amazing as always. Here is just a sampling of the beautiful things we saw there.

Sapphire Collection

Top Left: Janet Stone with Her Best-of-Show Quilt “Crazy Four Ewe”. Bottom Left: “The Long Goodbye” by Lea McComas. Top Right: “Falling Leaves, Fallen Lives” by Carol Mesimer. Bottom Right: “Color Transformation” by Susan Shaw.

One day wasn’t enough time but I always come away from a quilt show inspired to create. This adventure was no exception.

If you want to see prize-winning art quilts from last year’s Quilt Festival, Vivika DeNegre wrote a blog with wonderful photos.

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Put “Attend International Quilt Festival in Houston” on your bucket list. You’ll love it.

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