International Quilt Market & Making Wool Quilt Embellishments

Jodie Davis & Mark Lipinski | Runtime (18 min)


What’s Up? — Jodie launches the first episode of the second season from the Northcott Fabrics booth at International Quilt Market in Minneapolis. Both the Photoshop diet and the in-the-flesh versions of Mark join her to open the show. Mark shows off his latest creation, his Chester Gardens fabric line. Mark turns a seriously amazing iron into steamy silliness as he and Art Garabedian introduce you to the latest introduction in Reliable Corporation’s lineup, the steamy velocity V50 iron. Author Rose Hughes And Her Woolies — That Patchwork Place author Rose Hughes ( “Dream Landscapes” and “Exploring Embellishments”) shows Jodie how to use batting and wool to make her versatile and very cute “Woolies” which she uses to embellish her quilts and even turns them into jewelry. See how easy these little felted gems are to make! 

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