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Like most quilters with a full-time job, I’m always looking for projects I’ll enjoy making in a day or two.  Lucky for us, Jemima Flendt has just written a book featuring small quilting projects you can complete in a weekend. In, the aptly named, Weekend Quilting Jemima shares step-by-step instructions for 16 quilt designs featuring a variety of quilt blocks and techniques to try.

Kite Tails Mini Quilt by Jemima Flendt and detail

Though she lives in Australia, the stars seemed to align when I found out Jemima was not only in the states but in our studios filming an online course. I decided to drop into the studio to sit in on filming so I could ask her a few questions in between takes.

QD: Why did you decide to write Weekend Quilting?

JF: I’ve always wanted to take my pattern writing further and I love teaching people so writing a book was the perfect way to reach more people.

Create a unique small quilting project while your practice applique
Blooms Mini Quilt by Jemima Flendt

QD: Which project is your favorite? Why?

JF: I loved the blooms mini quilt because it was a different shape, I love applique and I could put lots of stitching detail and free motion quilting. It was all of my favorite technique in one project I even made a lap quilt using that design and another version in a hoop. I haven’t changed the design with these projects, just added more blocks or framed it with a hoop.

QD: Is there a technique in this book you’ve found most inspiring as you were writing?

JF: I really liked writing out the EPP process because there are more steps and detail. I also love the hand drawn illustrations with the patterns that are featured in the book. Hand-drawn illustrations were really important to me because it speaks to the nature of quilting and sewing. They both have a personal connection of spending the time making something.

QD: What have you been working on since you finished the book?

JF: I’ve been working on filming a course which came about from the foundation paper pieced projects from the book. I’ve also been working on new patterns for my label Tied with a Ribbon and heading to promote Weekend Quilting at Quilt Market.

Practice your foundation paper piecing with this small quilting project.
Sparkles Mini Quilt by Jemima Flendt.

QD: What would people be surprised to learn about quilting in Australia?

JF: I think we aren’t held back by the tradition of quilting. Australians are really happy to try things outside the box because we don’t have the heritage that defines how we quilt and we aren’t afraid to break the rules.

I, for one, am enamored with her charming projects and can’t wait to get started working on projects from the book. If you’re looking for simple projects you can sew in no time, order your copy of Weekend Quilting. Or better yet, download your copy today and make your first project this weekend!

Happy Quilting!

Start weekend quilting today, grab your copy!

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