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Itajime is a form of shibori dyeing that uses clamped shapes to create the resist.

Learn how to make this and other handmade gifts in the 2015 edition of Quilting Arts Holiday magazine.

Traditionally, the cloth was compressed between two pieces of wood held in place with string before starting the fabric dyeing process.

These days, shapes are generally made from acrylic or Plexiglas and are gripped with C-clamps. The shapes prevent the dye from penetrating into the fabric, creating distinctive patterns on the cloth.

The blue-and-white fabric featured in this project was hand dyed using our Itajime Fabric Dyeing Kit. The pattern on the fabric is achieved by a combination of folding and clamping reusable acrylic resist templates in any number of combinations. (You can find instructions on itajime fabric dyeing in the December/January 2009 issue of Quilting Arts and the December/January 2012 issue, too.)

You can adjust the distinctness of the patterns depending on the way you fold the fabric, the number of dye colors you use, and the clamping patterns. I like this simple, subtle style, but you can really go wild.

Another look at the Itajime Jewelry Pouch.

Some people resist itajime because they don’t know where to get the shapes, dyes, etc. But we’ve made it easy for you with our Welcome to the Fold Itajime Shibori Kit. It includes 12 shapes, dye, soda ash, and measuring tools.

You’ll find the directions for the Itajime Jewelry Pouch in the new issue of Quilting Arts Holiday 2015. It’s one of many gift and home décor projects for the holidays–or any time.

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P.S. I’m giving away this Itajime Jewelry Pouch I made to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment below, and I’ll choose a winner next Tuesday, August 18, 2015.

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