It’s All About Brown: Part 2

What do you think of when you hear the word BROWN?

For a long time, as a result of a very effective marketing campaign, most Americans conjured up the image of a UPS Truck and the delivery folks dressed in brown from head-to-toe. Ive been wondering how brown became a color. Did it come before we had black? Was it the first color because the earth was brown?

all about brown 2 crayon brown Its All About Brown: Part 2When I searched for the color brown on the Web I found that brown is a composite color made by combining red, black and yellow or by mixing red, yellow and blue. The meaning of the color brown is earth, wholesomeness, reliability and elegance. The color brown stimulates the appetite. I also read on that it resembles history, culture and chocolate. (Ah, that explains my attraction to brown.) Brown is believed to create a connection with the earth and cozy feelings of relaxation and warmth. Hummmlike a quilt.

All this brings me to my current passion for brown and to promote it as THE TRENDING background for quilts. Im out to prove why brown is not boring and that you can make brown look better.

all about brown 2 Riley Blake Confetti Brownie 300x225 Its All About Brown: Part 2

My background brown: Confetti Cotton Brownie by Riley Blake

As I mentioned in Part 1, Im going to share my journey making a village theme quilt I designed just for brown. I started on the center section, applique pieced flowers. I asked Erin Russek, our resident expert of all things applique, if she would demonstrate some of the techniques she uses to create her beautiful applique leaves and flowers. Erin shared the supplies she uses in her blog this week. She suggested I purchase Templar from Heirloom Stitches and a supply of Karen Kay Buckleys Perfect Circle templates.

all about brown 2 Perfect Circles 239x300 Its All About Brown: Part 2

Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley

all about brown 2 Bigger Perfect Circles 234x300 Its All About Brown: Part 2

Bigger Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley

Using Erins methods, I cut out the templates to make a flower set before I cut out the first fabric version of my flower.

all about brown 2 Templar Flower 294x300 Its All About Brown: Part 2

Templar Flower Set

all about brown 2 Single Flower 300x289 Its All About Brown: Part 2

Practice Flower

all about brown 2 Flower Set 286x300 Its All About Brown: Part 2

Center Flower Set-Preparing for Brown

All things looking good to move forward, I cut out the rest of the flower sets for the center of the quilt. I used my design wall to audition the placement of color. Come back next week to see how they looked appliqued onto brown fabric, and to find out what Im doing with the next row of my quilt.


In my last blog I asked readers to send me pictures of quilts they have made using brown fabric. On Friday, August 25th Pat sent the following note: I was just thinking this morning as I was reading blogs, how bright other peoples quilts are than mine. I felt a little old fashioned but I love brown and it goes so well with most of my quilts. I guess I just prefer the harvest pallet. I seldom use black. These are examples. Enjoy! Pat. Here are a few of the quilt photos Pat sent to us (click on each image for a larger view).

all about brown 2 Pat 1 150x150 Its All About Brown: Part 2 all about brown 2 Pat 2 150x150 Its All About Brown: Part 2 all about brown 2 Pat 3 150x150 Its All About Brown: Part 2

I would love to see how you used brown in your quilts, or perhaps to hear about some ideas you have for using brown. Leave a comment and/or send me a photo about your journey with browneven if its a story about how brown didnt work for you. Ill share them with our readers! Email:

Having fun with brown,
tricia patterson signoff Its All About Brown: Part 2

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