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Tula Pink burst onto the quilt scene a few years ago with a punch of color and a whirl of whimsical fabric designs.

Quilt and fabric design by Tula Pink. Watch how she works in the new video series, “Tula’s House.”

Tula’s fabric and quilt designs are, in my opinion, a lot like Tula herself: fun, quirky, and a little unpredictable. What I like about them is their quality of having been drawn by a real hand. Her fabrics remind me of circus characters, tattoos, and hipster coffee houses. And don’t we all just want a bit of that cutting edge quality to work with?

I love her sense of play, unpredictable use of color, and elements of surprise.

Tula has a huge following in social media and her fabrics, quilt books, and kits fly out of stores as soon as they’re available. But until now, we haven’t had a good look inside this quirky artist’s mind.

I’m pleased introduce you to Tula’s House, a 12-part video series inside the mind and studio of Tula Pink. Tula literally opens the door to her home, studio, and creative process and welcomes you to join her as she designs her new fabric line, Eden.

In the first episode, Tula shows you around her converted 19th century carriage house, pointing out her hand-painted fabric dolls, guest room stacked high with modern quilts, BERNINA sewing area, collections, and bishop’s chair-turned-hot-pink-throne.

tula pink
Get inside Tula Pink’s creative mind on ‘Tula’s House.’

“If you could go inside my brain and look around, this is what it would look like,”
she says.

She also talks about her design process which always starts with an illustration: “The drawing is sacred in my world view. To me the fabric always goes back to the drawing. I’m an illustrator,” she says.

Follow Tula each step of the way as her design process unfolds, from why she chooses a tiger over a lion motif to how her mom and brother help design for today with an eye toward the future.

Anyone who loves fabric, quilting, interior design or the creative process should watch Tula’s House, exclusively on QNNtv.

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