Kaleidoscope Ruler for Perfect Wedge Quilt Shapes

Whether working with pieced strip sets or one fabric, the Kaleido Ruler helps you make exact wedge quilt shapes—perfect for a traditional Spiderweb quilt block. Wedge quilt shapes can be used in a wide variety of quilt patterns such as the selection shown below. Many quilters have trouble getting the most accurate cuts when using other rules. With the Kaleido Ruler, you don’t have to worry about that. This quilting ruler will make your quiltmaking more efficient and your piecing more accurate!

About the Kaleidoscope Ruler: Wedge Quilt Shapes 

Learn How To Do This Quilting Technique

Watch the below quilting video tutorial on using the Kaleido Ruler to make wedge quilt shapes! You can also download these Sew Easy: Using a Kaleidoscope Ruler written instructions. If you’re looking for another quilting video tutorial on a particular technique, check out our Sew Easy lessons to find it there.

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