Lattice Be Scrappy from Quilting Quickly March/April 2017 – Fons & Porter

Lattice Be Scrappy QuiltThis pattern charmed me—even though it uses 2-1/2” strips, not charms!

The prints are 1930s reproduction, which is a glorious way to get something bright and cheerful, while keeping it traditional. (This pattern, though, could work really well with just about any strip collection.)

When this scrap quilt arrived at Fons & Porter, with those cheerful 1930s prints and linking patchwork design, it reminded me a little of our double wedding ring quilt.

Could it be a “faux” wedding ring…? That’s an idea I’ve toyed with ever since I saw Free-Wheeling Single Girl, from independent pattern designer, Denyse Schmidt. Are there patterns that evoke complex, traditional designs, and can be made quickly?

I would say Lattice Be Scrappy fits that bill.

If you are hesitant to tackle a masterpiece-level pattern like the Double Wedding Ring, or even the simplified Free-Wheeling Single Girl, because of the curves (Although, you can absolutely do it! Curves ARE manageable!), this scrappy lattice-style quilt might work for you. There isn’t a single curve in this design.

With pre-cut strips, it also comes to together so much more quickly than a Double Wedding Ring quilt would.

Perhaps the quilt should be re-named “Elopement.”

If you like working with pre-cut strips, and like free patterns (and who doesn’t?), you may want to check out our Quilting with Pre-Cuts course. Cheryl Cantoya and Jean Nolte team up to teach you all kinds of techniques specific to pre-cuts, ANDthe course comes with FIFTY patterns designed for pre-cuts.




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