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Every week, I go to the gym and work out with my friend Linda for an hour. I’ve known Linda for years and trust her: she’s smart, well trained, and keeps me on my toes doing all of those exercises we all “think we know how to do” correctly. Of course, I could work out by myself, make my own exercise plan, and probably be successful at it, but I am much more efficient and get more out of my workout by learning from a pro.

Machine quilting motifs by Catherine Redford.

I feel the same way about Catherine Redford’s Quilting Arts Workshop video, Modern Machine Quilting: Straight Lines, Spirals, Serpentines, and More!

I thought I knew all of the tips and techniques for how to machine quilt beautiful designs with my walking foot. How hard could it be? After all, I use this foot constantly for making baby quilts, spiral machine quilting patterns and quilting in the ditch. Straight lines and gentle curves, serpentines, and more should not be that hard to figure out.

Time to eat humble pie. Catherine’s expert instruction was like working intensely with a professional trainer at the gym. She deconstructs each and every technique and teaches it in a way that a confident beginner can understand and an experienced quilter will appreciate.

There is so much more to achieving professional looking results than meets the eye!

So thank you, Catherine, for teaching these techniques clearly and in a way we all can understand. I can’t wait to hone my skills on my next patchwork project.

And Linda – I’ll see you at the gym!

Starting Monday, Catherine and her quilting friends will be showing you their machine quilting designs in a blog hop. Here is the schedule; you won’t want to miss a single stop!

Monday, December 15th: Faith Jones
Tuesday, December 16th: Bonnie Hunter
Wednesday, December 17th: Cheryl Sleboda
Thursday, December 18th: Maddie Kertay
Friday, December 19th: Svetlana Sotak
Saturday, December 20th: Julia Wood
Sunday, December 21st: Laura Wasilowski
Monday, December 22nd: Pokey Bolton
Tuesday, December 23rd: Susan Brubaker Knapp
Wednesday, December 24th: Catherine Redford

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