Learn How to Cut 60º Quilt Triangles and Diamonds Sew Easy Lesson

You can learn how to cut 60° Quilt Triangles and Diamonds the easy way! We simplified the construction of Blue Lagoon by cutting the stars as quilt triangles rather than diamonds. We used the From Marti Michell 60° Triangle Ruler™ to cut the triangles and a regular ruler to cut the 60-degree diamonds. This quilting technique will be a great fit for your skills toolbox!

About 60º Quilt Triangles and Diamonds

Suggested Quilt Pattern Using This TechniqueBlue Lagoon Quilt

Learn How To Do This Quilting Technique Below

Cutting Quilt Triangles

  1. Make a strip set the required width for your project or slightly wider. (For Blue Lagoon, the quilt strips should be at least 5 3/4″ wide.)
  2. Position 60-degree Triangle-Ruler™ on strip set with the line corresponding to the finished side length of triangle aligned with the bottom edge of the strip set. For example, for Blue Lagoon, use the 5 3/4″ line. (Photo A).
  3. Cut along both sides of the ruler (Photo B).
  4. Reposition line on ruler along opposite edge of strip set, aligning side of the ruler along angled cut edge. Cut along the edge of the ruler (Photo C).
  5. Continue rotating ruler to cut the desired number of triangles.(Photo D).
Photo A Photo B Photo C Photo D

Cutting Quilt Diamonds

  1. Cut strip correct width for your quilting project. (For Blue Lagoon, cut strips 51⁄2″ wide.)
  2. Using a regular ruler, trim the end of the strip at 60-degree angle. (Photo E).
  3. Position line on the ruler that corresponds to the strip width on the angled edge. Cut along the edge of the ruler to make 1 diamond. (Photo F). Continue in this manner to cut desired number of diamonds.
Photo E Photo F

Quilt rotary cutting diamonds is a bit tricky. I like to check them for accuracy by folding them in half either vertically or horizontally from point to point. Because a diamond is symmetrical, the raw edges and points should meet when they are folded. If you’re looking for another quilting video tutorial on a particular technique, check out our Sew Easy lessons to find it there. —Liz

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