Learn to Quilt It!: We’re Back With a New Series on Longarm Quilting!

See what you can do with a longarm quilting machine

Back and better than ever, Jodie Davis hosts a brand new series of Quilt It!: The Longarm Show, on location at the HandiQuilter studios just outside beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. You’ve never seen longarm quilting like this! Some of the best longarm quilters in the industry join Jodie Davis on this award-winning series to share their practical know-how and fire you up with their creative energy.

Brought to you by HandiQuilter, Series 8 of Quilt It: The Longarm Show includes 24 episodes (two full-length episodes per guest!) filled with useful longarm quilting tips, thorough instruction, and non-stop inspiration!

Episodes 1 & 2: Quilting with Leather

Cathy Wiggins showcases her thread tooling technique, and shows you how to quilt leather on the longarm machine!

Cathy Wiggins, award-winning textile artist, has reinvented a traditional leather tooling technique to use on the longarm quilting machine! Her spectacular thread tooling techniques and in-depth instruction can help any quilter to master their craft. Whether you’re looking to test leather as a new textile or want to be inspired by unbelievable longarm quilt patterns, you need to watch this episode. Stick around for the awe-inspiring sneak peek at Cathy’s quilted leather saddles from her Fall 2018 Quilt Festival feature exhibition.

Episode 1 is available October 10 and episode 2 is available October 17 on Quilting Company TV!

Episodes 3 & 4: Graffiti Quilting

Karlee Porter practices graffiti quilting on her Sweet Sixteen Sit-Down Quilting Machine.

Karlee Porter  has taken thread painting on the longarm quilting machine to its urban, graffiti-ed edge! Previously a sketch artist, Karlee saw an opportunity and developed a systems for transferring her graffiti style and “Karlee curls” from paper to fabric, and her art has taken her to places she couldn’t have predicted. Learn to fill your toolbox with skills, and then go with the flow! From hand-lettered quilting to combining lettering with pebbling, cross-hatching, contour lines, and more, you’ll soon be quilting inspiration into your designs!

Episode 3 available October 24 and episode 4 available October 31 on Quilting Company TV!

Episodes 5 & 6: Dream Big Panel

Learn freemotion magic on your lonagarm—using panels!–with Kelly Ahston.

Get started freemotion quilting on your longarm quilting machine! Kelly Ashton uses the Dream Big panel from Hoffman Fabrics as a platform to teach freemotion. Get started with advice on thread and batting choices, and then learn how to determine the centerpoint and then conceive your quilting design. Learn how to transition from one area to the next, and how to find the best filler patterns to really get those details in there!

Episode 5 available starting November 7 and episode 6 available starting November 14 on Quilting Company TV!

Episodes 7 & 8: Thread Painting Techniques

Your longarm machine makes thread painting so much fun! Lynn Rhinehart shows you how to get coloring!

Lynn Rhinehart shares some excellent thread painting methods that will have you racing to the longarm quilting machine to play! Her coloring book technique involves selecting an appliqué pattern for the design’s shape, and then using the right threads to fill in the shapes with shading—just like coloring, but better! Learn to adapt this approach for lettering, tackling more precision work with both fillers and reliefs for spectacular results!

Episode 7 available starting November 21 and episode 8 is available starting November 28 on Quilting Company TV!

Episodes 9 & 10: Happy Feet

Oh, the places you’ll go with THESE feet! Gina Siembieda walks you through the five feet you should try on your longarm.

Your longarm has specialty feet for special effects that create special quilts! Gina Siembieda gives you a clear, thorough introduction to five types of feet you should definitely get to know: couching foot, glide foot, sure foot, echo foot, and square foot. By the end of your time with Gina, you’ll have experience with appliqué, thick seams, rick rack, and rulers, and you’ll know exactly which foot to use and why. Which is the kind of knowledge that opens you up to new creativity!

Episode 9 available starting December 5 and episode 10 available starting December 12 on Quilting Company TV!

Episodes 11 & 12: One Quilt Block, Three Ways

Tracy Russell joins host Jodie Davis to show how longarm quilting patterns can change the look of one single quilt block, whether in manual mode or using regulated stitching. Play with design and thread choice to learn how your artistic choices can impact the end quilt. Find the motif your quilt block needs—whether modern, traditional, or freestyle—and then flip it, flop, it, and quilt it from any direction!

Episode 11 available starting December 19 and episode 12 available starting December 26 on Quilting Company TV!

Episodes 13 & 14: Beginning Longarm Quilting

Let Mary Fisher teach you how to get started on a longarm…and give you the creative permission to become the quilter you’ve wanted to be!

In these episodes, Mary Fisher gives you the creative permission to become the quilter you want to be, and equips you with the knowledge to get there. With Mary’s guidance, you can immerse yourself in the culture of longarm quilting, as well as the process. Muscle memory, stencils, pantographs, loading to square, selecting the needle and design, troubleshooting tension—all of these become easy and fun with Mary’s practical approach!

Episode 13 available starting January 9 and episode 14 available starting January 16 on Quilting Company TV!

Episodes 15 & 16: Wholecloth Quilting

See what you can do with a longarm quilting machine

Re-imagine what wholecloth quilting can be with Laurie Tigner.

Wholecloth quilting, where the quilter’s artistry is the sole star of the show, is an aspirational challenge worth striving toward. Laurie Tigner introduces you to the basics of wholecloth quilting on a longarm quilting machine, including wholecloth pattern choices and how to transfer wholecloth quilting designs. But then Laurie introduces you to a whole new level of wholecloth quilting. By introducing you to fabric inks and paints, alternate substrates and metallic threads, Laurie shares her methods for creating her glorious, awe-inspiring “icon quilts.”

Episode 15 available starting January 23 and episode 16 available starting January 30 on Quilting Company TV!

Episodes 17 & 18: Free-Flowing Formal Feathers

Make your quilting feather-light and fancy-free. Karen Overton teaches feathers!

The feather is one of the more common longarm quilting patterns for a reason. The elegant, space-filling design complements most piecing, and is especially suited to borders. With Karen Overton, learn the difference between longarm feathers and formal feathers, and the various spines used to create them. After these episodes, you’ll know how to turn a corner, how to advance quilts for continuous stitching, and how to use feathers for all-over texture.

Episode 17 available starting February 6 and episode 18 available starting February 18 on Quilting Company TV!

Episodes 19 & 20: Pro-Stitcher

Regardless of your personal style, Susan Manry shows you how digitized stitching helps you achieve precision in your creative quilting!

Computerized quilting with a Pro-Stitcher is everything a longarm quilter could ever want! Whether you already have a Pro-Stitcher or just acquired one, join Susan Manry as she takes a deep dive into the set-up and features that make the Pro-Stitcher so valuable for longarm quilting. Learn about cropping, repeating, skewing designs, and soon you’ll be quilting inside to outside, and start to end, with perfect precision!

Episode 19 available starting February 20 and episode 20 available starting February 27 on Quilting Company TV!

Episodes 21 & 22: Working With Templates

Templates allow a longarm quilter to achieve intricate, advanced-looking designs with ease. Once you know how to work with templates safely, they add wonderful definition and structure to freemotion work. With Kimmy Brunner’s guidance, you’ll be able to turn one design into many to maximize the templates you own, and free yourself into bold creative, design work!

Episode 21 available starting March 6 and episode 22 available starting March 13 on Quilting Company TV!

Episodes 23 & 24: Negative Space

Vicki Hoth, HandiQuilter’s Education Coordinator, shares the best lessons for quilting negative space with your longarm.

For longarm quilters, negative space is a positive thrill! With those wide, open spaces providing a perfect canvas for your longarming art, negative space requires special, thoughtful consideration. For that reason, HandiQuilter’s own Education Coordinator, Vicki Hoth, joins Jodie Davis to show how negative space can be absolutely transformational.

Episode 23 available starting March 20 and episode 24 available starting March 27 on Quilting Company TV!

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