305 | Light Weight Quilts for Spring or Summer

My First Quilt | Sara Gallegos | Runtime (8 min)

The quilt blocks for Spring Thaw are assembled like a nine-patch block. Half of the patches in the nine-patch are made from pieced units, and Sara shows how to create those units. Once the blocks are made and the quilt top is ready, it’s time to choose batting. Sara shows a sample pack of Hobbs Batting and flips through it while talking about the different reasons you might choose one batting over another. She recommends Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting for a lighter weight quilt like the one she was making. On a package of batting from the store, there’s some helpful information on the front of the package, and Sara talks about what several of those pieces of information mean in terms of choosing a batting type for your project. She then points out what type of quilting she used for her quilt and discusses why she had it quilted that way.


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