Don't be afraid of the longarm!

Longarm quilting often is seen as an intimidating form of machine quilting. The Quilting Company has gathered some of our most helpful resources on how to longarm quilt to make this fun quilting technique more accessable. Whether you are just starting out or are wanting to brush up on your skills, these resources will teach you the best tips and tricks for longarm quilting. You can use them on your own longarm machine or one that you rent.

Long Arm Quilting - APQS Longarm Certification Course Image with Patriotic Quilt

APQS Longarm Certification Course

Whether you want to quilt professionally or you simply want to improve your own longarm techniques for yourself, this course will give you the tools you need to successfully quilt, using skills that meet or exceed standard quality benchmarks in the quilting industry. Course starts April 30th!


Long Arm Quilting - The Longarm Quilting Workbook Product Image

Longarm Quilting Workbook eBook

Become a successful longarm quilter with this complete guide to modern longarm quilting. Author Teresa Silva knows exactly what it’s like to be a beginner in the intimidating world of longarm quilting, so she crafted this how-to resource to master this machine.


Long Arm Quilting - Longarm Fundamentals with Angela Huffman Course

Longarm Fundamentals with Angela Huffman

This class is a mastery class for stand up quilters using longarm, midarm or shortarm quilting machines. You’ll join award winning longarm quilter, Angela Huffman, as she walks you through everything you need to know to start your quilting adventure. This is the class she wishes she could take back when she got her first longarm machine.


Long Arm Quilting - Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show

Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show

This award-winning series features everyday quilters showing you the ins and outs of quilting by machine. Learn how to compliment your quilt top with machine quilting, tips for keeping your longarm in peak shape, thread, rulers and more. We’ll have you “quilting it” in no time with this informative content from quilters like you.

$5.99 per episode

Long arm quilting - Fundamental Threads for Longarm Quilting

Fundamental Threads for Everyday Quilting on the Longarm

Discover Karen Gibbs Fundamental Threads for Everyday Quilting. These threads are popular, high-quality Aurifil made of 40 wt cotton. You get all the must-have neutral colors for everyday longarm quilting! Finish your quilts with the highest quality thread out there so that your designs last for ages.


FREE Longarm Blogs and Tutorials

A quilt without quilting is just a blanket. Not only does quilting add another level of texture and personality to your quilt, but quilting a quilt on the longarm, midarm or shortarm is just plain fun! Check out the Quilting Company’s large selection of blogs that give helpful tips and insider tricks for working with your longarm machine.

Long Arm Quilting - Free blogs and tutorials
Long arm quilting - discover quilt patterns that would be great for your longarm machine!

Start Your Next Longarm Project

Shop our wide selection of quilt patterns and find your next project. Not only do we have patterns for every one, from beginner friendly to more challenging, from traditional to modern, BUT we have some great patterns that will really show off your longarming skills.

Long arm quilting - Getting Started on the Longarm Video Download

Getting Started on the Longarm with Heidi Kaisand

Heidi – expert quilter – shows you how to create a project that will provide you with the opportunity to practice your longarm quilting skills.


Long Arm Quilting - How to Load a Quilt onto a Longarm Video

How to Load a Quilt on a Longarm Quilting Machine Frame

Angela Huffman shows you traditional methods, shortcuts, and other quick tips for loading a quilt on a frame.


Long Arm Quilting - Traditional versus Modern Longarm Methods Video

Traditional versus Modern Methods and Techniques on the Longarm

Maria Pate – quilt designer, pattern writer and longarm quilter – shows several blocks quilted in both traditional and modern styles, comparing them side-by-side.


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