Color, Pattern, Style: A Look Inside Modern Patchwork Home

modern patchwork home

A dear friend recently asked me why I enjoy modern quilts so much. If that isn’t a loaded question for the editor of quilting magazines, I don’t know what is! But it got me thinking: I love the aesthetic not only because of the retro vibe and innovative designs but also because modern quilting is the next logical step in the evolution of the craft. We are just on the cusp of the modern revolution. Complex traditional quilt patterns are being reimagined in bold colorways with simplified construction. Modern quilters are honing their design and technical skills by incorporating scale, symmetry, and repetition in ways their foremothers would never have imagined. They are creating their own quilting legacy, and it is amazing to be part of this movement.

Modern Courthouse Quilt

Modern Courthouse Quilt designed by Siobhan Rogers

But most of all, modern quilts have a practical aspect that appeals to so many contemporary quiltmakers: these quilts are designed to be used. They are not made to be tucked away in a hope chest or hidden behind the doors of a cedar closet. Modern quilts are proudly displayed in homes, carried to outdoor concerts and picnics, gifted for births and graduations, and–if you are brave–laundered (on gentle!) in the washing machine. We live with them, and they are part of our lives.

On the Beach Yoga Mat

On the Beach Yoga Mat designed by Vivika Hansen DeNegre

Modern Patchwork Home shares a curated collection of 24 projects, including accessories like totes and bags, quilted home décor items such as pillows and wall hangings, and a dozen eye-popping quilts. The projects were chosen with the discerning modern sewist in mind: they are innovative, diverse, useful, and on trend. You’ll find a variety of projects, from funky kitchen items to sophisticated quilts, perfect for even the most discerning modern quilt enthusiast. And even better, many of the projects are beginner-friendly and would make great gifts.

Canvas Tote

Canvas Tote designed by Rosemarie DeBoer

While you are leafing through the pages of the Modern Patchwork Home, consider your own quilting legacy. What is it about the modern quilt movement that inspires you? How do the quilts and accessories you’ve made for your own home reflect your design aesthetic? And most importantly, what’s next on your design wall?


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