I Love Appliqué: The Stitch



Welcome to I love appliqué – today we’re going to talk about one of the foundational elements of the appliqué process: the stitch. To stitch the appliqué in place you will need to make a small slipstitch along the folded edge of the appliqué shape. I like to start my stitching by knotting my thread and slipping into the fold of the appliqué shape.

I love appliqué the-stitch-starting-stitch

Place the needle into the background fabric next to where it came up through the appliqué. Catch a small amount of background fabric as you guide the needle into the edge of the appliqué. Try to only catch a few threads of the appliqué when you bring your needle up through the shape as shown.

I love appliqué the-stitch-1

Stitch 1


Stitch 2


Stitch 3

Keep your stitches close together so that the edge of the appliqué remains smooth. A good stitch spacing to aim for is 10 to 12 stitches per inch.

To finish I bring the needle to the back of the block, take a small stitch into the background fabric behind the appliqué and use this stitch to make a knot as shown.


Ending 1

I love appliqué the-stitch-ending-2

Ending 2

I love appliqué the-stitch-ending-3

Ending 3

I like to tuck this thread behind the appliqué by threading my needle in between the background fabric and the appliqué and pulling it up through the background fabric a small distance from the knot. I cut the thread at the background fabric to prevent any thread tails from showing through.

I love appliqué the-stitch-ending-4

Ending 4

I love appliqué the-stitch-ending-5

Ending 5

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