Love Blooms Here: 2014 Series Quilt

It’s always exciting to publish a new series quilt. A lot of thought and planning goes into each one we do.

Love Blooms Here is QM’s 2014 series quilt.

Quiltmaker’s 2014 series quilt is Love Blooms Here, designed and made by Paula Stoddard, one of our Associate Editors. You’ll find Part 1 in the Jan/Feb ’14 issue.

paula Love Blooms Here: 2014 Series Quilt

Paula Stoddard designed the 2014 series quilt, Love Blooms Here.

Paula is an experienced designer. Before she came to Quiltmaker (we discovered her when she spoke at a local quilt guild—she’s an amazing speaker) she had worked as a designer for Connecting Threads. She also had her own pattern company, Pacific Patchwork, and accompanying blog (very entertaining).

QMMP 131200 tweet 450 Love Blooms Here: 2014 Series Quilt

Christmas Tweet from the Nov/Dec ’13 issue is one of Paula’s designs for Quiltmaker.

Now Quiltmaker is happy to have Paula on our team, designing for us.

14123 pattern img Love Blooms Here: 2014 Series Quilt

Paula designed Peek-a-Boo Bunnies for the Fall ’12 edition of Quilts from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks.

She also figures yardage, writes pattern instructions and articles, and manages our team of home sewers.

QMMP 140200 BOM 450 Love Blooms Here: 2014 Series Quilt

Love Blooms Here

The main Love Blooms Here quilt features wool applique on flannel. If you have the Jan/Feb ’14 issue, Part 1 of the pattern is there. Shop for the issue.

I asked Paula for a few lines about how she started using wool for applique and why she loves it so much.

I learned how to do wool applique about 15 years ago in a class in Portland. When I opened my kit for the class, and started playing with the soft, cozy wool, I was hooked. Where had wool applique been all my life?

I went a little bit crazy, trying wool applique on everything—clothes, bags, jackets, pillows and quilts. I learned that you can put wool applique on wool, but also on flannel, denim, heavier fabrics and cotton, too.

And wool is very forgiving. If you make a little mistake you can always kind of squish the wool around, or press it, and the little mistakes disappear!! You don’t have to have perfect stitches either, because wool hides your stitches.My most most most favorite thing about wool applique is that you can fuse all of your wool pieces down onto your project, and then take it with you to stitch everywhere you go. You don’t have to deal with pins, or placement, or with freezer paper and basting stitches. You fuse it down and go—like magic!
wool pile 12 Love Blooms Here: 2014 Series Quilt

After I started wool applique, I became obsessed with wool. In a bad-like-the-TV-show-”Hoarders”- kind of way. It was terrible. I saved teeny weeny pieces because you never know when you will need a miniscule leaf or flower center! I bought wool everywhere. I had friends who dyed wool and I would buy a piece of everything. It was just so soft and cozy and pretty! Who knew there were so many shades of blue? Or green?

I love Paula’s enthusiasm. She’s pretty convincing! Nevertheless, if wool applique isn’t your cup of tea, we have two other versions of Love Blooms Here available.

 QM140201 Love Blooms Here: 2014 Series Quilt

Creative Editor Carolyn Beam made Love Blooms Here using redwork. She hand embroidered the blocks and used reds and creams for the piecing. It’s a completely different look but it’s also very charming!

 QM140202 Love Blooms Here: 2014 Series Quilt

Graphic Designer Denise Starck made Love Blooms Here in batiks. Wow, what a change-up! And what a stunner!

To make Love Blooms Here completely stress free, we’re offering kits for each of these three versions. The kits will be sent as each part of the six-part series unfolds. It’s a great way to complete a project little by little, and paying as you go makes the financial commitment easier, too.

Wool applique on flannel kits
Redwork kits
Batik kits

The pattern for each part is included with the kit.

4382955770 643bf55d84 Love Blooms Here: 2014 Series Quilt

How about sewing from your stash?!

Another option: Make Love Blooms Here entirely from your stash. Wouldn’t that be fun?!


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