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Love of Quilting - January/February 2016
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Published six times a year, Fons & PortersLove of Quilting is Americas favorite quilting magazine! Traditional in style and covering a broad range of skills, each issue features 10 to 15 quilts and all the information you need to create a cherished quilt. We love trying out new tools and techniques, and love even more to share those skills with our friends! Our Sew Easy Lessons break down what you need to know, and there’s an online video for each lesson so you can see the technique in action!



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Comments (7)

  • Anne P

    I believe you OWE your subscribers a better explanation as to what is going on with Fons and Porter, Easy Quilt and QNNTV. You have made access for a paid subscriber next to impossible and with no advance notice that these changes were occurring. Please advise to

    Anne Peterson

    November 19, 2017 at 5:54 pm
  • Liz H

    Liz H
    I have been a loyal member of Love of Quilting since before 2004 Est — had been receiving my magazines every other month both digital and paper. I stopped getting them in October of 2017 and according to my account I am signed up until September/October 2018. I called and spoke to some one “Beth”? nothing was solved. I was told I would get a magazine for March/April 2018 a month ago I have not received it…. At this point it is April 2018 I am still owed Nov/Dec, Jan/Feb, March/April, and now May/June. I did a early renew in “June 2015” with a 50% discount with a planned expiration date of Sept/Oct 2018 . Yesterday in the mail I received a bill saying I needed to Pay for a 1 year subscription of $22.95 for Just one year…. What is going on. I am just totally dismayed. Can we please get this right..
    Liz Harris. April 29, 2018

    April 29, 2018 at 2:41 pm
    • Tiffany Warble

      I just sent your information over to our head of customer service to take a look at tomorrow. We’ll get this sorted out for you and a member of the team should be in touch with you soon.


      April 29, 2018 at 5:59 pm
  • Lorraine I

    I have to sympathize with you. Since the change to The Quilting Company I cannot find my subscriptions. According to my address labels I am subscribed to Love of Quilting until J/F 2020, McCalls Quick Quilts D/J 2019, Mccalls Quilting M/J 2018.
    I can’t find my subscriptions. I can log in but can only find a pattern I purchased several years ago. I have tried to follow the instructions received in an email this week to access the digital editions but I don’t get an option –
    2. If you’ve purchased a subscription directly through Love of Quilting log in with your email and zip code to download your issues with the following steps:
    • Tap on the “Subscribe” section
    • Tap on “Sign in as an Existing Subscriber”
    • Enter your email and zip code
    • Tap on the cover of the issue to begin reading.
    The old version was bad enough having to log in at every change of the page but at least I eventually gotthere. Can’t get past step 1 now.

    May 12, 2018 at 8:57 am
    • Tiffany Warble

      That sounds so frustrating! Have you had a chance yet to reach out to our customer service team. They’ve worked this out many times and I know they’d love to help you. You can reach out to them here

      Let me know if I can help with anything else.

      The Quilting Company Team

      May 15, 2018 at 4:42 am
  • Carol K

    Subscription had been purchased directly through “Love of Quilting”

    I can’t use the app–I don’t have a tablet, don’t want to use it on my cell phone.
    I want to download the digital magazine to my desktop computer as I always have done.

    I went to website, and tried to follow #2 of your directions.
    Under SUBSCRIPTIONS, the digital edition is not listed.
    SO no place to tap on “Subscribe” or to “Sign in as an Existing Subscriber”

    This is very frustrating. Directions are poor and don’t work; the website does not connect with the directions.

    Please advise with something that works.

    Carol Kirstein

    May 21, 2018 at 6:42 pm
    • Tiffany Warble

      Sorry to hear about all this. Have you had a chance to reach out to our customer service team yet? I know they’d love to help you get this figured out. Here’s how to get in touch:

      The Quilting Company

      May 25, 2018 at 4:06 am

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