Love of Quilting TV Show – 700 Series Video Index

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Episode 701: Brave New World Click here to watch episode 701.

Marianne and Liz demonstrate triangle trimming techniques to make piecing this versatile unit fast and easy!

Episode 702: English Paper Pieced Ornaments Click here to watch episode 702.

Fons & Porter share a great take-along project to do during the busy time before the holidays. These lovely Christmas ornaments can serve several purposes and can be made by hand quickly and easily.

Episode 703: Embroidering Large Quilt Blocks Click here to watch episode 703.

Guest Faith Reynolds shows how to incorporate machine embroidery in your quilts. She demonstrates a new attachment for embroidering large designs without re-hooping and how to align and re-hoop large designs.

Episode 704: Wedding Wishes Quilt Click here to watch episode 704.

Liz and Marianne illustrate design options for using pieced equilateral triangles. They also demonstrate cutting and assembling equilateral triangles and showcase a clever idea for creating a wedding quilt.

Episode 705: Let’s QuiltClick here to watch episode 705.

Guest Ann Kisro provides insight on the use of novelty prints in quilts. She hammers out the basics of patchwork techniques and how to coordinate other fabrics with busy, novelty prints.

Episode 706: Pine Burr Quilt Click here to watch episode 706.

Quilters in the past considered Pine Burr a challenging pattern. Fons & Porter demonstrate tips and tricks for creating this vintage pattern. Project instructions are in the Jan/Feb 06 issue of Love of Quilting magazine.

Episode 707: Vintage Handkerchief Quilts Click here to watch episode 707.

Guest Faith Reynolds demonstrates how to use antique handkerchiefs in a quilt. She also shows how to make your own vintage handkerchiefs and create many pattern variations from one embroidery design.

Episode 708: Thread Painted Scene Click here to watch episode 708.

Guest Ann Regal teaches the art of turning a photograph into a thread painting. She demonstrates how to prepare your fabric and machine for free-motion stitching and creates various effects with free-motion stitching.

Episode 709: Longarm Quilting Click here to watch episode 709.

Guest Marilyn Badger showcases the art of longarm quilting with tips and tricks to enrich your longarm quilting projects.

Episode 710: Rotary Cutting Basic Shapes Click here to watch episode 710.

The rotary cutter has revolutionized cutting for quilters. Fons & Porter describe how to square up fabric and cut straight strips, how to cut accurate squares and rectangles and how to cut two types of triangles.

Episode 711: Flying Geese Units Click here to watch episode 711.

A special new ruler is used as Marianne and Liz explain how to cut both types of triangles for Flying Geese units from the same width strip. They also show how to join triangles for Flying Geese units.

Episode 712: Point Trimming Click here to watch episode 712.

A point trimmer is a handy tool to use when making a quilt block. Fons & Porter illuminate the path to more accurate patchwork. They show how to determine the angle to trim a triangle point and how to join pieces using trimmed triangles

Episode 713: Half-Yard Challenge Click here to watch episode 713.

The challenge is on! Liz and Marianne challenge quilters to use only five half yard pieces to create a unique wall quilt. As they demonstrate how to cut squares, half-square triangles and quarter-square triangles from the same width stripe!

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