I Love this Quilt! Silhouette Stars


I am having bunches of fun playing with the fabric from Victoria by Three Sisters for Moda Fabrics. For my adaptation of Gerri’s block (in Silhouette Stars) I wanted to use one print for the center star and one for the outer star. I thought this would be a fun way to combine prints and textures. I can make 2 blocks from each pairing. Here are a few of my favorite pairing so far!

I Love This Quilt! Silhouette Stars Block 1

Block 1

I Love This Quilt! Silhouette Stars Block 2

Block 2

I Love This Quilt! Silhouette Stars Block 3

Block 3

If you want to make your own version be sure to click here and download your free pattern.

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  • Barbara W

    Erin, i also love this quilt, i have made it twice, once as a wedding gift for my brother and his future wife, i saw the pattern and knew it was special, i added another row both ways (so it is 6×6 blocks) and also added two boarders so that it would fit a queen size bed. my husband also liked the quilt i did, so i made almost the exact twin to the wedding quilt just changed a color of one of the blocks. love gerri’s patterns

    February 10, 2018 at 3:43 pm

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