Welcome to LRN2QLT, QUILTMAKER magazine’s program designed to help quilt shops and quilting groups teach young adults the basics of quilting.

Tell me more about LRN2QLT! LRN2QLT is all about learning to quilt—quickly. It’s an introduction to the basics where we assume the students know very little about sewing or quilting. Most importantly, it’s a day of fun! Keep it light, make it interesting and give lots of latitude for questions and imperfections. (No points? No problem!)

The LRN2QLT concept is focused on three patterns. Each pattern teaches certain skills and each builds on the one before it. We recommend teaching all three patterns in one eight-hour day, including time for lunch and breaks.

LRN2QLT Help QUILTMAKER’s goal in developing LRN2QLT is simple: introduce young adults to quilting in order to pass on the stitching heritage we all cherish. LRN2QLT will no doubt evolve as quilt shops and guilds give it a try and make their own suggestions. If you have questions as you develop your own LRN2QLT event, feel free to contact us at or at 800-881-6634 x5644 or 303-215-5644.


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