Machine Piecing (Chain Piecing & Opposing Seams) | Lessons

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Kathy Patterson shares tips for saving time by chain piecing quilt units, and pressing seam allowances to lie in opposite directions. Improve accuracy and minimize the need for pinning! If you have problems running the video, click here for troubleshooting tips.

Tips for Machine Piecing

  • Use a -wide presser foot for a seaming guide. See An Accurate Seam Allowance for more information on the seam.
  • Pin the seam perpendicular to the future seamline to secure; do not sew over pins.
  • Press each seam before continuing to next.
  • When possible, press seams in opposite directions (e.g. 1st row, press seams to right, 2nd row, press seams to left).
  • If seams are pressed in opposite directions, you may butt the seams up to each other (see video, above).
  • Make sure the thread tension and stitches are smooth and even on both sides of the seam.
  • Chain-piecing can save time. Just feed your first seam under the presser foot, then instead of cutting and restarting, make a few stitches without fabric, and feed your next seam under the presser foot (see video, above). Repeat until all seams are sewn. Cut the chained pieces apart before or after pressing.

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