Machine Quilting: 1 Block, 3 Ways!

In every 2015 issue of Quiltmaker, we picked one block from one quilt to quilt 3 different ways. This is such a fun way to show how you can quilt a block lots of different ways, and none of the quilting is very hard!

In our Jan/Feb ’15 issue of Quiltmaker, we picked a block from Sew Many Geese, a pattern designed by Monique Dillard. This beautiful quilt is made from rich batiks and many, many! Flying Geese.

QMMP 150200 precut 506px Machine Quilting: 1 Block, 3 Ways!

Sew Many Geese by Monique Dillard

The blocks in this quilt just scream for creative quilting, don’t you think? The following blocks were quilted by Hatty Brown on a Handi Quilter, but you can easily quilt them on a domestic sewing machine. Contrasting thread was used so you can see the quilting, but you will probably want to use matching thread.

The first block shows crosshatch quilting. Using the patchwork as a guide, quilt straight lines diagonally both ways across the quilt block. You can mark the lines using a ruler and a marking tool, or you can lay painters tape down and follow the tape. This is easy to do and very manageable under your machine.

Crosshatch Quilting Machine Quilting: 1 Block, 3 Ways!

Crosshatch Quilting

This block is quilted with curves and loops. You can quilt gentle, continuous curves through the Flying Geese, going from point to point. The loop quilting in the blue patches are just easy-flowing loops-don’t worry about making the loops the same size or going in the same direction, just keep it easy and flowing.

new curves Machine Quilting: 1 Block, 3 Ways!

Curves and Loops

The third block is quilted with straight lines in the blue patches and loops in the Flying Geese. Use a ruler and marking tool to mark the straight lines or lay down painters tape and follow that for the straight lines. To quilt the loops in the Flying Geese, start at the point of the top left (blue) Flying Geese. Quilt down a few stitches, quilt a loop to the left, then a loop to the right, then travel down to the next Flying Geese and continue quilting the same. Then flip your block around and start at the point of the green Flying Geese in the other column. Don’t worry about making the loops the same size-that will just make you crazy. Just relax, lower your shoulders, and quilt nice, easy loops.

Lines and Loops Quilting Machine Quilting: 1 Block, 3 Ways!

Lines and Loops

You can visit our Youtube channel to see a video about machine quilting these blocks.

You can also download a free PDF showing the 3 quilting examples above, as well as some blocks to practice your own doodling and creativity.

I hope these blocks have inspired you to try your own machine quilting! Don’t be afraid to doodle and practice and have fun! Take a breath, relax your shoulders and get quilting!

Quilt happy!


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