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During almost a year of sharing quilting ideas with you via the Quilting Daily blog, I’ve noticed something interesting: circles are popular. Whether the circles are sewn with hand stitching or machine quilting doesn’t matter. Every time I write about circle motifs, the post gets a big response.

machine stitched circles
Libby Lehman shows how to machine stitch perfect circles.

First there was this post on how to Hand Sew a Fast and Scrappy Felt Circle Pillow. This Felt Confetti Pillow by Lisa Cox attracted me because it combines two of my favorite things: felt fabric scraps and hand sewing.

Next, I wrote about how to Hand Stitch a Bevy of Boro Bobbles. Victoria Gertenbach’s Boro Bobbles, tiny embellishments made from fabric scraps and hand stitching, are the perfect thing to work on while you watch soccer games or TV.

My post featuring how to make Helen Gregory’s patchwork place mats with free-motion stitched circles also a hit.

It’s fairly easy to free-motion machine quilt circles like the ones on Helen’s place matsassuming you don’t want perfect circles. And many art quilters do prefer the hand-drawn look of free-motion stitching.

But when you’re looking to stitch machine quilting designs in precise circles, or machine appliqué fabric circles, it’s very helpful to use a circular embroidery attachment on your sewing machine.

In her Quilting Arts WorkshopTM video Perfect Machine-Stitched Circles with Decorative Stitched & More, well-known art quilter, teacher, and author Libby Lehman shows how to machine quilt perfect circles every time.

machine stitch a circle
Machine-stitch circles easily with a
circular embroidery attachment and
Libby’s expert tips.

In the video, Libby demonstrates how to choose the right machine quilting thread and how to prepare the fabric with stabilizer. Then she shows how to use the attachment and guides you step-by-step through the process of making a quilt featuring appliqué blocks and decorative stitching.

Libby offers so many tips and tricks to getting perfect circles every time. If you like machine stitching circlesor have been hesitant to tryPerfect Machine-Stitched Circles will having you going in circles just for fun.

P.S. Do you use circles in your machine quilting designs? What tips do you have for machine stitching circles? Leave your advice below.

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