Quiltmaker January/February 2014

Quiltmaker January February 2014

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Mix and match your scraps.

Create a fun chain design from Garlic Knots blocks set side-by-side.

Instructions to make the 6″ Garlic Knots block can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s Addicted to Scraps column in the Jan/Feb ’14 issue of Quiltmaker.

For a 44″ x 44″ crib quilt (as shown), you will need 36 Garlic Koots blocks. For the border, cut 2 4-1/2” x 39” strips for the side strips and 2 4-1/2” x 47” strips for the top and bottom strips.

Noting block orientations, sew 6 blocks together to make 6 rows. Sew the rows together. Sew the border side strips to the quilt and trim any extra length. Add the border top and bottom strips in the same way.

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