Make Split Rectangle Units Easy With This Quilting Video!

Use Deb Tucker’s Split Rects ruler to accurately cut and trim Split Rectangle Units (one of quilting’s basic units) in all different sizes. This tool gives you perfect units every time! Quilting notions like this one are a must for every quilter’s toolbox. Split rectangle quilt units make fun angles in our quilts but can be quite stressful to navigate without the help of specialized cutting tools like the Split Rects ruler.

The Split Rects tool offers: charts for starting strips, guidelines for cutting elongated triangles, an angled edge for easy cutting, and a trim-down section that enables each pieced unit to be quickly and perfectly trimmed to the desired size with perfect placement of the angled seam. Split Rects works with 8 different size units from ½” x 1″ finished to 4″ x 8″ finished units in half-inch increments. In this quilting tutorial, the Fons & Porter staff show you how to get perfect units every time using this tool. If you’re looking for another quilting video tutorial on a particular technique, check out our Sew Easy lessons to find it there.

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