McCall’s Quilting January/February 2019

When I started quilting over 20 years ago, I still had children at home and my decorating style was not glamorous by any means. I needed things that could stand the rough-and-tumble antics of the three teenage sons who were still at home. I didn’t decorate with velvet or silk. There were no ruffles or lace.

Now, my children are all grown and I have grandchildren visiting regularly, so my style is still not fancy. I am a fairly ordinary person. There is nothing elegant about my decorating style. But with all the pretty threads and metallic prints on cotton fabrics (meaning they are washable), I’ve started looking for more magic in my quilts. I think it’s time to try for a little exuberance, a little extravagance in my quilts. How about you? Is it that time for you? I’m hoping you’ll find at least one or two ideas in this issue that you want to try for your next project.

Happy quilting!


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Table of Contents

Up Front

  • Editor’s Letter: It’s time to get glamorous and add some special touches to your quilts!
  • Fresh Picks: Check out our latest finds.
  • Quilter to Quilter: See what your fellow McCall’s Quilting readers have been making.
  • McQ&A: Movie stars anyone? See who inspired our editorial team.
  • Quilt Basics: The quiltmaking techniques you need to make the patterns in this issue.

Special Interest

  • Quilted Gemology: The quilting inspiration behind MJ Kinman’s shimmering quilts.
  • Quilting with Glam: 6 Keys To Metallic Success—Our tips for adding sparkle to your quilting.
  • Quilting with Glam: Silk Dupioni is a Dream Fiber for Quilters—This special fabric will make your quilts glow.
  • Practical Glamour: Learn the story behind Sherry Reynolds’ award-winning beauty.
  • But Wait! There’s More! These online articles will help you master the techniques in this issue.
  • I Love This Quilt! Kelly Eisinger reinvents a McCall’s classic using modern fabrics.


  • Turning Tiles: Tile-inspired blocks create a pleasing modern design.
  • Icicles: Foundation-pieced blocks lead to a shimmering winter quilt.
  • Moonlight Séance: Dramatic prints set the stage for this stunning pattern.
  • Rose Quartz: An intricate weave of pinks and purples is featured in Pam Boswell’s fresh design.
  • Twinkle Twinkle: Faceted blocks and spinning stars create this elegant little quilt.
  • Golden Galaxy: Three special fabrics and curved piecing combine perfectly in Karen Ackva’s out-of-this-world throw quilt.
  • Santa Fe Stars: Star blocks in a unique setting evoke the feeling of a southwestern desert.
  • Bricks & Ivy: Lovely batiks glow in Nancy Mahoney’s classic two-block quilt.
  • Scrappy Anniversary: Bright scraps on a black background give our anniversary remake lots of pizazz.
  • Nightbloom: Large-scale prints are ideal for this simple-to-piece design.
  • Snowman Party: This quilt is sure to put a smile on your face!

Pattern Pull-Out Section

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