McCall's Quilting September/October 2018Autumn is such an inspiring time of year. The biggest, most obvious reason is the explosion of color that happens as the leaves start turning bright yellow, deep gold, warm orange and blazing scarlet before they start to fall off the trees. If you’re lucky enough to live in a part of the country where this happens, you know exactly what I mean; the paths you travel every day look brand new and filled with creative inspiration when you see the riot of warm colors against the bright blue sky.

Every quilter I know has expressed similar thoughts about autumn, that it’s impossible not to be creatively rejuvenated when confronted with such beauty. When we decided to focus on leaves for this fall issue, the quilt designers we worked with definitely came through! We got a great assortment of leaf-themed designs in so many different styles and color combinations, there’s sure to be something you’ll want to make to celebrate the season.

Speaking of celebrating, we’re continuing our 25th anniversary celebration as well. Our remake of a 2008 pattern, Anniversary Sunset, is a lovely tribute to fall, with ombre fabrics in rich colors, appliqued with fluttering leaves. Summer’s End is a striking, stylish throw quilt featuring four sizes of leaf blocks in lively colors. Turning Leaves is a scrappy foundation-pieced design that will have you rooting through your scraps to come up with the perfect gradient of color so you can make this quilt that looks like a piece of art.

If you love the fall season for different reasons, like the spooky delights of Halloween, you’ll enjoy seeing some of these patterns reinterpreted in Halloween prints in our Color Play sections. We’ve also got a cute, quick trick-or-treat bag (Candy Collector) for storing all that candy—for the kids, of course.

However autumn spurs your creativity, I think you’ll find a treat or two, perhaps more, among the patterns we’ve compiled.

Gigi Khalsa, Associate Editor

Table of Contents

Up Front

  • Editor’s Letter: The change of seasons brings a burst of colorful inspiration.
  • Fresh Picks: Helpful new notions for cutting, quilting, organization and applique.
  • Quilter to Quilter: A Quilt of Valor, a scrappy throw and a two-sided baby quilt.
  • McQ&A: Our favorite palettes for fall this year.
  • Quilt Basics: The quiltmaking techniques you need to make the patterns in this issue.

Special Interest

  • In Search of Fun: Fall Foliage, Quilts and More! The journey to a fall quilt show can be as much fun as the destination.
  • Scrap Quilt Strategies: An Eye for Design Kathryn Wagar Wright shares her strategies for making successful scrappy quilts.
  • I Love This Quilt! A cute and charming baby quilt is being remade in bright, contemporary fabrics.


  • Summer’s End: A harvest of fall foliage in a rich selection of batiks.
  • Autumn Twist: Autumn leaves twist and turn as they flutter to the ground.
  • Turning Leaves: Foundation-pieced leaves become a work of art.
  • Fall at the Cabin: Leaves and log cabins combine into a spectacular bed quilt.
  • Anniversary Sunset: Ombre fabrics make this easy quilt an autumn delight.
  • Fall Drive: Oversize leaves cover this large bed quilt in color.
  • Peanut Butter Kisses: A scrumptious, scrappy stashbuster that’s quite a treat.
  • Candy Collector: Keep your Halloween bounty in this cute, clever bag.
  • Syringa: Fussy-cut florals bloom in the center of this stylish block.
  • Dresden Queued: A sleek, modern take on the traditional Dresden Plate pattern.
  • Misty Morning: Cool blue and purple batiks set the mood in this pieced quilt.
  • Jaded Facets: Use shades of one color to make a stunning centerpiece.


  • Schoolhouse Steps: 60˚ Triangles
  • Schoolhouse Steps: Trimming Strips Even with Patches

Pattern Pull-Out Section

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