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Welcome to the Fons & Porter Designer page!

We are proud to introduce you to the talented and valued designers who have contributed to our magazines. They have shared gorgeous and impressive quilts, quilt patterns and quilt arrangements, as well as a wide variety of quilted projects. Take your time and look through the designer profiles (alphabetical order by first name) get to know them. And, Happy Quilting!

Amanda Murphy -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Amanda Murphy

Amanda Murphy has been designing and sewing since she was a child. She has worked as a graphic designer and an art director while continuing to sketch and sew her own designs. Amanda loves quilting because it marries her passion for design and her enthusiasm for handwork. Her designs have a modern look, but they are deeply influenced by the past. Learn more about Amanda at or

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Amy Ellis -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Amy Ellis

Amy Ellis is an author, fabric designer, and quilter. Look for her books, fabrics, and patterns anywhere quilts are made.

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Angie Milligan -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Angie Milligan
Angie Milligan was raised in a family with a love of fabric and design. Her mother (Lisa Beeson) and grandmother (Rita Swain) are award-winning quilters. Angie is a Graphic Designer for Fons & Porter and loves designing quilts for her mother and grandmother to make. She also enjoys riding her hot pink Harley Davidson and traveling with her husband, Jeremy, and dog, Clydesdale.

Anita Peluso -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Anita Peluso
Anita Peluso started sewing in 4-H twenty-five years ago. She now works in a quilt shop, designing quilt patterns and teaching. Her work is influenced by vintage textiles and old architecture.

Ann Hermes -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Ann Hermes
Ann Hermes is a collector of antique quilts and a long-time student of quilt history. Inspired by her collection, Ann designs miniature quilts, many of which have appeared in national quilting magazines. Her first book on quilt history, Pennsylvania Patchwork Pillowcases and Other Small Treasures, 1820-1920, is now available.

Ann Lauer -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Ann Lauer
This Helena, Montana designer is an award-winning fiber artist who has been designing quilts and fiber art pieces for over twenty years. She is the founder of Grizzly Gulch Gallery, a pattern design company featuring exciting and unusual patterns.

AnneMarie Chany -- Fons & Porter Contributor
AnneMarie Chany
AnneMarie Chany discovered her true passion in quilting seven years ago when making a baby quilt for her son. As a trained engineer, designing quilts perfectly suits both her analytical and creative sides.

Annemarie S. Yohnk -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Annemarie S. Yohnk
Quilt teacher and lecturer Annemarie Yohnk is the designer for Quilts Remembered patterns. She has combined her fascination with, and knowledge of, antique quilts with her teaching experience. At home in Burnsville, Minnesota, Annemarie is surrounded by antique quilts that serve as inspiration and lend a connection to our quilting past.

Annette Ornelas -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Annette Ornelas
Annette Ornelas is a German-born quilt artist, teacher, and designer. She lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina, with her husband and their three dogs. Annette started her pattern company Southwind Designs in 2000 to offer her students unique patterns that were easy and fun, and could be enjoyed by quilters of all levels.

April Rosenthal -- Fons & Porter Contributor
April Rosenthal
April Rosenthal is a fabric designer and a pattern designer for her company, Prairie Grass Patterns. Look for Aprils book, Bedroom Style, published by Lucky Spool Media, at your local quilt shop.

Avis Shirer -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Avis Shirer
Avis Shirer is one half of the design team Joined at the Hip. Together with her longtime friend Tammy, they design quilts and blog about their quilting adventures.

Barb Cherniwchan -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Barb Cherniwchan
Barbara Cherniwchan loves appliqu, is a former quilt shop owner, and she has been designing patterns since 2008. She is married and the mother of four.

Barbara J. Eikmeier -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Barbara J. Eikmeier
Barb Eikmeier grew up in Willows, California, where she learned to sew in 4-H. She made her first quilt in high school, but began to quilt seriously after her marriage in 1984. Barb is a fabric designer and is the author of four quilting books.

Bev Getschel -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Bev Getschel
Bev Getschel has been sewing since she was a small childjust big enough to hold a large needle with double thread. Now she is a prolific quilt designer who loves to make quilts for magazines.

Brenda Ratliff -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Brenda Ratliff
Brenda Ratliff is the owner of Pink Castle Fabrics, a blogger at, a fabric designer for RJR Fabrics, and Sew Pro convention coordinator.

Candy Hargrove -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Candy Hargrove
Candy Hargrove has been quilting for almost 25 years. In 2007 she began designing for Jo Morton and Andover Fabrics.

Carmen Geddes -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Carmen Geddes
Carmen Geddes was raised in a big family of 17 kids 10 girls and 7 boys! From an early age she was taught to quilt and sew by her mother and sisters. For 15 years she was a freelance educator for Viking and Pfaff and is an award winning longarm quilter, named HMQS Teacher of the Year 2013. The Tensisters Piping Tool, Easy Piecing Grid and companion book is available on her website,

Carol Burniston -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Carol Burniston
Carol enjoys using bright, fun colors in her quilts, and combining contrasting colors to create playful, light-hearted designs. Carols second quilt book, Color-Splashed Quilts, as well as her first book, Wonderfully Whimsical Quilts, published by C&T Publishing, are available in quilt stores.

Carolyn Beam -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Carolyn Beam
Carolyn Beam has been sewing and crafting since she was little girl. After taking her first quilting class more than 20 years ago, she has been involved in local quilting guilds and small quilting groups in each community where she has lived.

Carolyn Edwards -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Carolyn Edwards
Carolyn Edwards began quilting in 1976, so 2016 is her 40th year in the wonderful world of quilting. She has made countless quilts and says the best part of quilting is the friendship of quilters. Carolyn belongs to and is active in six guilds and seven quilting mini-groups. Thats a lot of friends!

Carolyn Hughey -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Carolyn Hughey
Carolyn Hughey lives in the mountains above Boise, Idaho, where she began her joyful quilting adventures after inheriting a stash of quilting fabric and supplies. Carolyn lectures on Unleashing Your Creativity and hopes to encourage other quilters through her lectures and designs.

Christina McCourt -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Christina McCourt
Christina McCourt started quilting in 2001, and began designing her own quilts in 2008. She has four children, and lives in New London, Missouri. In addition to designing quilts, she is a substitute school teacher.

Christine Stainbrook -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Christine Stainbrook
Christine Stainbrook has been designing and making quilts for more than twenty-five years, and has been teaching classes for five years. She likes using traditional blocks and patterns, modifying them to show off current fabrics.

Christy L. Bowman -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Christy L. Bowman
Christy L. Bowman is a longarm quilter. She started quilting in 1988, after she bought her first quilt book for $1 at a yard sale. Her business evolved from there. Christy likes making quilts for her boyfriend, two daughters, one granddaughter, and three grandsons.

Colleen Tauke -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Colleen Tauke
Colleen Tauke is the Sewing Specialist for Love of Quilting magazine and television show. She has also assisted with video tutorials for Quilting Quickly magazine. Though she has sewn for over 40 years, Colleen has been quilting for only the last 12. She loves designing quilts that are simple and quick. Colleen says her quilts are meant to be used and loved, so I can create more quilts!

Corey Yoder -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Corey Yoder
Corey Yoder is a quilt designer who resides in Ohio with her husband and two young daughters. Her love of fabric led her to quilt design, and she has been merrily creating ever since.

Cyndi Hershey -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Cyndi Hershey
Cyndi Hersheys education and background in interior design and textiles was helpful when she began quilting more than twenty-five years ago. She is the author of two books published by Martingale & Co., Sudoku Quilts and Nine by Nine.

Cynthia LeBlanc Regone -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Cynthia LeBlanc Regone
Besides playing in three different tennis leagues, this busy mom of three still finds time to pursue her passion for quilting, reading, doing lunch with friends, performance cars, cooking, and traveling. Cynthia started quilting in 1981 and within ten years was producing award-winning quilts. She lectures and teaches throughout the United States. She has served on the board of several state and local guilds in Oklahoma and Texas. She was a featured teacher at the 31st Annual National Quilting Association Show in 2000 and teaches at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas.

Darlene Zimmerman -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Darlene Zimmerman
Darlene Zimmerman is a fabric designer specializing in reproduction prints. She has designed quilting tools for EZ Quilting, authored a variety of books, including Quick Quilt Projects with Jelly Rolls, Fat Quarters, Honeybuns, and Layer Cakes, and designs individual patterns. Darlene teaches and lectures nationally and internationally.

Deanne Eisenman -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Deanne Eisenman
Deanne loves the entire pattern development process. She says, From designing to writing to constructing a sample, there is no better way to spend a day. Our cat, Snuggles, the company namesake, believes she owns every quilt sample I make. Deanne lives in Osage, Iowa, with her husband and children.

Deb Tucker -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Deb Tucker
Deb Tuckers background in architectural studies and public school education prepared her for her launch of Studio 180 Designs in 2008. She is an avid instructor and popular lecturer, quilt judge, pattern designer/publisher, and quilting tool creator.

Debbie Grifka -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Debbie Grifka
Debbie Grifka has been sewing all her life and quilting for thirteen years. She writes quilt patterns for Esch House Quilts and teaches classes. Debbie is the president of the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild.

Deborah Kalenty -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Deborah Kalenty
Deborah Kalenty has been quilting for more than thirty years. She is a Certified Instructor for Studio 180 Design tools. She owns an online quilt store and vends at area quilt shows as well as lectures and teaches.

Deborah Shafer -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Deborah Shafer
Deborah Shafer is a quilter and knitter from Winterset, Iowa, home of Fons & Porter. She works part-time in a senior center and spends much of her free time traveling to quilt shops and sewing with her furry friend, Kitty.

Debra Finan -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Debra Finan
Debra Finan has had a passion for all things handmade since she was a five-year-old, sewing doll clothes by hand. Her fascination with quilts began a few years later when she visited an elderly neighbor who showed Debra the quilts and hooked rugs she made.

Diane Kron -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Diane Kron
Diane Krons mother was a Home Economics teacher, and taught Diane to sew at age ten. Diane, who works for Baby Lock, says, Its nice that my job and hobby are so closely related.

Diane Nagle -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Diane Nagle
Diane designs quilts for her pattern company, Peddlecar Quilts. She has been quilting since the 1970s, and loves color and fabric. Diane and her husband live in Henderson, Nevada.

Diane Tomlinson -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Diane Tomlinson
Associate Editor of Fons & Porter magazines, Diane enjoys the whole process of quilting, including teaching and working with the designers who contribute so much to our magazines. She enjoys the challenge of making detailed quilts, enjoys her family, bicycling, and anything creative in her spare time.

Dodi Lee Poulsen -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Dodi Lee Poulsen
Dodi Lee Poulsen grew up in a close-knit family, learning to sew as a child while sitting on her grandmothers lap. She has been quilting for many years, and in 2006 started her company, Two Sisters at Squirrel Hollow. Dodi has authored five books and has published more than seventy patterns. Learn more about Dodi at or by phone.

Ebony Love -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Ebony Love
Ebony Love is a longarm quilter, designer, author, and die cutting expert. She lives in northern Illinois.

Eleanor Burns -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Eleanor Burns
Eleanor Burns published her first book in 1978, and has since written over 100 quilt books and patterns. She teaches a wide variety of techniques for piecing and appliqu, border treatments, and finishing methods.

Ellen Cicak -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Ellen Cicak
Ellen Cicak is a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor and co-owner of the company Running With Scissors Quilters. She and her partners love to share by teaching classes, lecturing, and giving trunk shows.

Emily Bailey -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Emily Bailey
Emily Bailey is happy when shes designing new quilts and sharing them with other quilters. She loves the creative process and says meeting wonderful quilters through her ventures is a bonus.

Evonne Cook -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Evonne Cook
Evonne runs her company, Clothesline Quilts Pattern Co., from her country farm residence, with occasional help from quilting friends. This way, she has time to enjoy her family: husband John, 5 children, and 13 grandchildren.

Gerri Robinson -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Gerri Robinson
Gerri Robinson is a multitalented fabric and pattern designer and author. Her latest book, Quilted Living, is published by Fat Quarter Shop.

Gina Reddin -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Gina Reddin
Gina Reddin has been sewing since she was a very young girl. She marries her loves of computers, quilting, machine embroidery, and fabric to bring a wide array of genres into her designs. See Gina Reddin designs at

Granny's Legacy (Kim Zenk and Katie Hebblewhite) -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Grannys Legacy (Kim Zenk and Katie Hebblewhite)
Kim Zenk and Katie Hebblewhite are a mother-daughter duo with a passion for textiles. Granny, their company namesake, was the grandmother who instilled Kim and Katies love for creating with their hands. Between appliqu and quilting, not a day goes by that we dont find ourselves stitching on something. It is to Grannys honor that we do what we do!

Holly Hickman -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Holly Hickman
Holly Hickman began her career with a degree in Graphic Communications. She brands every project her multi-talented hands touch with her unique style and color sense.

Jackie Robinson -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson is best known for her stylish, easy-to-make pieced quilt designs. A semi-retired international teacher and lecturer, she still keeps busy designing fabrics and quilts to showcase her fabrics.

Jan Patek -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Jan Patek
Jan Patek is a beloved teacher, designer and lecturer. She resides in Missouri.

Jane Vaughan -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Jane Vaughan
Jane Vaughan began quilting in 1993. In 2007, she was given the opportunity to design a mystery quilt for Mill House Quilts in Waunakee, Wisconsin. Since that time she has designed over thirty mystery quilts and patterns under the Thornberry Quilts name. She teaches classes and is president of the Mad City Quilt Guild in Madison, Wisconsin.

Janet Davis -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Janet Davis
Janet is a quilter who enjoys every style of quilting from art quilts to reproduction quilts. It probably has to do with having owned a quilt shop for fourteen years plus working there for another twelve years. Teaching is her love, and she has taught everything from piecing 101 to advanced classes.

Janice Averill -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Janice Averill
Janice Averill hails from West Haven, Connecticut and is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology. She says she switched to quilting because its more practical and never goes out of style!

Jean Ann Wright -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Jean Ann Wright
Jean Ann Wright is a quilt designer and co-author of Circle of Nine featuring a creative new setting system for quilt blocks. Jean Ann is available for quilting programs and workshops.

Jean Nolte -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Jean Nolte
Jean Nolte is Fons & Porters Product Director. Quilting for nearly thirty years, she is always excited to try a new technique. Her fabric stash contains more yardage than she can possibly use in a lifetime, but she is having lots of fun trying. When not quilting, Jean loves to travel, knit, and spend time with her family.

Jennifer Schifano Thomas -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Jennifer Schifano Thomas
Jennifer resides in a vintage farmhouse where she spends her days designing and making quilts, taking care of her family, and collecting sewing treasures.

Jenny Foltz -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Jenny Foltz
Through her background in graphic design, Jenny has been able to develop fresh and fun quilt patterns. With so much in her life as inspiration, most importantly her sons and her enduring love of art, she will continue to develop quilts that reflect this love and appreciation.

Jersey Girls (Yolanda Fundora & Barbara Campbell) -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Jersey Girls (Yolanda Fundora & Barbara Campbell)
Yolanda Fundora is a textile designer and fine artist and Barbara Campbell is a quilt designer. They work together as designers and authors under the Jersey Girls brand.

Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth
Sisters Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth design quilts for their business, TailorMade by Design, which gives them the opportunity to work with fun quilters every day. Contact them at:

Jocelyn Ueng -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Jocelyn Ueng
Jocelyn is blessed to love her position with Its Sew Emma, which allows her to constantly create beautiful quilts.

Joy McKeon -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Joy McKeon
Joy McKeons love of fabric and color led her to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Shes a lifelong New Yorker who is forever surrounded and influenced by culture and the arts. Most evenings youll find Joy at the dog park with her best furry friend, Liffey.

Kari Schell -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Kari Schell
Kari is an Electric Quilt expert, a certified Art and Stitch instructor, and a pattern designer. She loves to teach both in person and online, and has published frequent video tutorials on her blog at When not quilting, she can be found at a local ice rink practicing ice dance.

Kate Colleran -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Kate Colleran
Kate Colleran is a quilter, writer, and instructor. She is one of the authors of Smash Your Precut Stash and is the designer for the pattern line Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs. She currently lives, works, and hikes in Colorado.

Kathy Delaney -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Kathy Delaney
Kathy is an appliqu enthusiast and teacher. She likes to teach various techniques to her students, knowing that a technique that works for one person isnt the best one for another. Kathy hopes to spark her students into loving appliqu as much as she does. She is active in several guilds, and held positions on the board of directors in the Kansas Quilters Organization and the Heartland Quilt Network. Kathys work has been widely published in magazines and books since 1998.

Kathy Munkelwitz -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Kathy Munkelwitz
Kathy Munkelwitz has made and designed quilts for many years. She is also a full-time farmer in Minnesota.

Kelly Bowser -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Kelly Bowser
Kelly is a self-taught quilter who began sewing in 2010 as a way to challenge herself and express her creativity. Currently, she works making samples for fabric companies, co-designing quilt patterns for Hearts & Bees on Craftsy, and taking the occasional custom order. You can find her on Instagram @kelbysews or on her blog

Krisanne Watkins -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Krisanne Watkins
For about 40 years, Krisanne Watkins has been designing and making quilts. Her inspiration came from her grandmother Marie Wood and her amazing Singer foot-powered treadle sewing machine.

Krista Robbins -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Krista Robbins
Krista Robbins designs patterns for magazines and Four Robbins Designs and is an active member of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild. She loves to share quilts, food, and family on her blog. Krista lives in St. Louis with her awesome husband and sons.

Kristin Lawson -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Kristin Lawson
Kristin Lawson is a Minneapolis-based designer and quilter and is the author behind A Little Crispy patterns. She caught the quilt bug when she was expecting her first child. When not designing or sewing quilts, Kristin spends time with her husband, three young kids, and pet rabbit.

Krystal Jakelwicz -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Krystal Jakelwicz
Krystal Jakelwicz grew up making quilts with her mom. She loves creating new patterns and working with solids and batiks. She started longarm quilting over two years ago and loves being able to design and finish quilts, too!

Linda Davis -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Linda Davis
Linda Davis is a designer of quilted greeting cards and small quilted projects, combining her two passions-quilting and making greeting cards. She and her husband live in Foley, Minnesota. Her business is called Willowpatch.

Linda Pumphrey -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Linda Pumphrey
Lindas lifelong passion is quilts, old and new. The timeless Mountain Mist designs are some of Lindas favorite quilt patterns. She has won international awards for her quilting.

Lindsay Wilkes -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Lindsay Wilkes
Lindsay Wilkes is the owner of The Cottage Mama. She designs childrens garments and is the author of Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama. Lindsay lives in Chicago with her husband and four children.

Lisa Swenson Ruble -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Lisa Swenson Ruble
Lisa Swenson Ruble started sewing as a child, making clothes for her Cabbage Patch Kid. She graduated to quilts after finishing college and now she blogs about her sewing projects. Lisa lives in Michigan with her husband and three busy sons.

Liz and Elizabeth Evans -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Liz and Elizabeth Evans
Liz and Elizabeth Evans are not sisters, but two girls names Elizabeth who married brothers and ended up with the same name. They are a creative team, and share their projects and adventures at

Liz Porter -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Liz Porter
Liz Porter is a leading light in the quilting industry. One of the namesake founders of Fons & Porter, Liz lives in Texas, publishing gorgeous quilts in the pages of Love of Quilting, and making guest appearances on the PBS Love of Quilting show.

Lynette Anderson -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Lynette Anderson
Lynette Andersons appliqu, stitchery, and patchwork designs have captured the hearts of people around the world, making her a very popular tutor both in her native Australia and internationally. Lynettes latest book is Country Style Quilting, a book filled with inspiring projects and quilts.

Lynette Jensen -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Lynette Jensen
Lynette Jensen owned the Thimbleberries Design Studio in Hutchinson, Minnesota for twenty-six years. After closing the publishing company and studio she has returned to designing a few fabric collections and projects for magazines.

Lynn Roddy Brown -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Lynn Roddy Brown
Lynn Roddy Brown loves to make scrap quilts because they give her the opportunity to use many different fabrics. Lynn is a member of a quilting bee that trades blocks for scrap quilts and is the author of three books, all published by Martingale.

Margaret Brewster Willingham -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Margaret Brewster Willingham
Margaret Brewster Willingham is the founder and creative force of Eye of the Beholder Quilt Design. She is a retired professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer. She says, I used to choreograph dances. Now I choreograph quilts.

Maria Pate -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Maria Pate
Army wife Maria Pate wanted a home-based business that could relocate along with her family. In 2007, she created Airborne Heirlooms, a pattern design and quilting company.

Maria Umhey -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Maria Umhey
Maria Umhey likes to make quilts with simple piecing and great colors that tell a story or recall a memory.

Marianne Fons -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Marianne Fons
Marianne Fons is a beloved leader in the quilting community. One of the namesake founders of Fons & Porter, Marianne now devotes her time to various quilting initiatives, including the Quilts of Valor foundation and the Iowa Quilt Museum in Winterset, Iowa.

Marie Bostwick -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Marie Bostwick
Marie Bostwick is not only an award-winning author, but shes also an accomplished quilter. She had diverse work experiences before becoming a writer, and with her lifelong love of quilting, she began her Cobbled Court Quilt series. Her books are devoured by quilters and non-quilters alike. Marie and her husband, Brad, live in Oregon where they enjoy spending time with family and friends and playing with their grandsons.

Marsha Evans Moore -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Marsha Evans Moore
Marsha Evans Moore was first inspired to sew and embroider by her grandmother and great aunts who spent summer evenings embroidering on the porch. She has been designing quilts for fabric companies for many years. What better career could anyone have than to receive a box of fabric and be told to design and make a quilt!

Marsha McCloskey -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Marsha McCloskey
Marsha McCloskey lives in Eugene, Oregon, and has her own small publishing company, Feathered Star Productions, Inc. She has written or co-authored twenty-nine books and designed three ingenious rulers for rotary cutting. Marshas quilts have a traditional look, yet are an inspiration to quilters of every sort.

Mary McGuire -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Mary McGuire
Mary McGuire, an avid fabric and quilt designer, creates nature-inspired fabric designs. She works with both traditional and digital artwork to create fresh fabrics that inspire creativity.

Michelle Renee Hiatt -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Michelle Renee Hiatt
Michelle Renee Hiatt is the designer for Modern 180, a modern pattern division of Deb Tuckers Studio 180 Design, and is also a certified Studio 180-Design Instructor. She enjoys teaching others how to simplify their piecing while improving the quality of their quilt making.

Mischele Hart -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Mischele Hart
Mischele is a former Floridian and quilt shop owner who retired to the hills of East Tennessee where she participates in the local quilt guild, does volunteer service with women who live in poverty, ferries around the grandchildren, spends lots of time with family and friends, and attempts to do all the quilt projects she promised herself shed do when she retired.

Nancy Lacey -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Nancy Lacey
Nancy Lacey began quilting in the early 1990s. In 2008, Nancy joined the staff of Quilts for Kids, Inc., where she designs many of the patterns that are used for bi-monthly workshops.

Nancy Mahoney -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Nancy Mahoney
Author, teacher, fabric designer, and award-winning quiltmaker Nancy Mahoney has been making quilts for more than twenty years. She enjoys combining traditional blocks and updated techniques to create dazzling quilts. Nancy has authored thirteen books, all published by Martingale & Company.

Nancy McNally -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Nancy McNally
Nancy has been quilting for over twenty years. Her work is featured in numerous magazines and books. She is a quilt artist, a national educator in both piecing and longarm quilting. Nancy teaches at quilt guilds, quilt clubs, shops, and shows, and has online classes available.

Pam Biswas -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Pam Biswas
Pam Biswas learned sewing while sitting on her grandmothers lap, helping her sew. She is a member of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild and enjoys the modern aesthetic because of the bright colors and simplicity in quilt design.

Pam Goggans -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Pam Goggans
Pam Goggans has been a stitcher for most of her life. After many years of hand embroidery, counted cross-stitch, and other decorator sewing, Pam started quilting twenty-five years ago. She has been a longarm quilter for the past fifteen years. Pam teaches quilting classes for all skill levels.

Pat Sloan -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Pat Sloan
After trying her hand at quilting in 1989, Pat never looked back. While working her day job, she started her design business in the evenings and on weekends. In 2000, she transitioned to working full-time in her quilting business.

Patricia Sanabria-Friederich -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Patricia Sanabria-Friederich
Patricia grew up around sewists in Costa Rica and learned from her mother and grandmothers how to sew by hand. About twenty years ago, Patricia took her first quilt class and since then has not stopped quilting. Patricia currently lives in Cedarburg, Wisconsin with her husband, who has supported her in her quilting adventures.

Patrick Lose -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Patrick Lose
Patrick Lose has been a trendsetter in the quilting industry since he began designing fabrics and patterns for quilts and wearables in 1992. Millions of yards of his cotton quilting prints have sold worldwide and he currently licenses his designs to RJR Fabrics.

Patti Carey -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Patti Carey
Patti Carey enjoys playing with new fabrics, and hopes to inspire other quilters with her creations.

Penny Barnes -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Penny Barnes
Penny Barnes is mother of six, grandmother of ten. She has been quilting for over twenty-five years. She started her own longarm quilting business and soon started marketing her own quilt designs. She loves to travel to Ireland, where she is the co-founder of National Quilting Week of Ireland that is held June 1-7 each year.

Rachael Wright and Christine Sharp -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Rachael Wright and Christine Sharp
Rachael Wright and Christine Sharp are a mother-daughter team operating under the name Kids Quilts, based in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges near Aukland City, New Zealand.

Rachel Hayes -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Rachel Hayes
After making more than 150 quilts in eight years, Rachel Hayes decided to try design. She is semi-retired and enjoys running and paddle boarding along with designing, piecing, and machine quilting. Shes a wife, mother, and grandmother. You can read about her quilting adventures and her other passions at her website, found at

Ramona Sorensen -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Ramona Sorensen
Ramona Sorensen grew up on a small Utah farm where her grandmother taught her mother to hand quilt. Ramonas first sewing chore was to thread needles for neighborhood ladies that came to quilt. Years later, challenged to design by a quilting friend, she began designing her own quilts and learned to quilt on a long-arm. Ramona currently works at Corn Wagon Quilt Company.

Sandi Irish -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Sandi Irish
Sandi Irish has been sewing forever and has designed quilts for the past twelve years. She like traditional patternsupdated!

Sarah J. Maxwell -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Sarah J. Maxwell
Sarah Maxwell of Designs by Sarah J has been quilting since pregnant with her first child, now graduated from college. In that time, she has become a quilt designer, teacher, author, and now fabric designer. Follow her on Instagram, or visit her website,

Scott A. Flanagan -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Scott A. Flanagan
Scotts quilting journey spans more than 20 years. He started his own pattern design company, 4th and Main Designs, in 2011. Scotts patterns are sold exclusively at the Country Traditions Quilt Shop in Fremont, Nebraska.

Sharon Riley -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Sharon Riley
Sharon Riley says, Quilting is my way of creative expression. Fabrics are my palette with which I paint. The best part is being able to use these gifts to recognize others for their service and sacrifice.

Shelley Cavanna -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Shelley Cavanna
Shelley lives near Sacramento, California with her husband and their two young boys. Between legos, daily walks on the plank, and endless piles of laundry, she manages to sneak in a bit of time for quilting and designing patterns. Visit her at

Stacey Day Fons & Porter Contributor
Stacey Day
By day, Stacey Day is an unassuming X-Ray Technologist in hot pink scrubs living in beautiful British Columbia. At night (and naptime) she transforms into an experienced quilter, pattern writer, and designer. A third generation quilter, Stacey caught the sewing bug early in her life, and earned a Diploma of Fashion Production in 2005. Her work has appeared in numerous quilt shows and trunk shows across North America, and her library of patterns can be found on her website.

Stephanie Sheridan -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Stephanie Sheridan
Stephanie Sheridan has had a sewing studio in her home for as long as she can remember. Her mother, Linda Leathersich, taught her to quilt when she was just 8 years old. In 2009 she turned her lifelong hobby into a career, partnering with her mother to create Stitched Together Studios.

Sue Pfau -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Sue Pfau
Sue Pfau was inspired to design her first pattern when she brought home a jelly roll and didnt know what to do with it! Most of her designs use pre-cut fabrics, and she sells her patterns on Etsy. Sue is the author of Quilts from Sweet Jane. Visit her blog at

Sylvain Bergeron -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Sylvain Bergeron
Sylvain Bergeron is a self-taught seamster and machine embroidery teacher who came into quilting 4 years ago when he asked himself a simple question: what if embroidery were the quilt? The answer came in the form of quilt tops containing anywhere from 1.25 to 3 million stitches where line and color create complex images. He was the 2006 recipient of the Master Award for Thread Artistry at the Fall International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. He is a webmaster by trade and lives in Oswego, IL with his son.

Terry Albers -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Terry Albers
Terry began writing patterns for her students while teaching at her sisters quilt shop. She now has a line of patterns and has authored three books with her friend Pam Puyleart of Cottage Creek Quilts.

Thomas Knauer -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Thomas Knauer
Thomas Knauer holds art degrees from both Ohio University and the Cranbrook Academy of Art, and was a professor of art and design before he began sewing and making quilts. His first project was a dress for his daughter.

Toby Lischko -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Toby Lischko
Toby Lischko is an award-winning quilt designer, author, and teacher. She has been quilting since 1985 and designing her own quilts since 1995. Toby considers herself a traditional quilter who uses fabric in unconventional ways.

Tony Jacobson Fons & Porter Contributor

Tony Jacobson and his wife, Jeanne, share many of the same passions, historic architecture, gardening, auctions, and of course, quilting. They share their home in Winterset, Iowa, with two Old English Sheepdogs, Howie and Molly, and one cat, Barnaby.

Tricia Lynn Maloney -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Tricia Lynn Maloney
Tricia Lynn Maloney began quilting in 1996 and hasnt stopped since! She is the author of two books, A Russian Journey in Quilts: the Story of Nicholas and Nina Filatoff and Orphan Block Quilts: Making a Home for Antique, Vintage, Collectible, and Leftover Quilt Blocks. Her designs have been featured in a variety of magazines and books.

Vanessa Wyss -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Vanessa Wyss
Vanessa Wyss teaches in the Education department at Ferris State University. She has been sewing for two years.

Wendy Sheppard -- Fons & Porter Contributor
Wendy Sheppard
Wendy Sheppard, originally from Southeast Asia, trained and worked as a chemical engineer. Currently she resides in northern Virginia with her family. In her spare time she loves to do hand appliqu, heirloom needlework, and smocking. Her popular quilt designs have been published internationally. Contact her at: or


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