Meet the Staff: Vivika DeNegre

Vivika DeNegre is a familiar face to many dedicated quilters. Editorial Director of the art quilting and modern quilting brands based in Maynard, Massachusetts, Vivika is deeply invested in the quilting community as a whole. In addition to serving as the representative voice for modern and art quilters within the Quilting Company, she also sits on the Board of Directors for Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA). “I love the art quilting community with all of my heart,” she says.

Vivika Hansen DeNegre, Editor, Quilting Arts Magazine

Vivika DeNegre, Editorial Director of Modern and Art Quilting brands for The Quilting Company.

How long you’ve been with the Quilting Company and how has your role changed over the years?
Over the past seven years, I’ve had two major roles: first and foremost, I’m the editor of Quilting Arts. That hasn’t changed, however, my responsibilities have broadened as the years have passed to include oversight of the modern as well as art quilting content. Modern quilters know The Quilting Company for Modern Patchwork and QuiltCon—those are publications I’m very proud of.

My team also produces 26 episodes yearly of Quilting Arts TV, which is shown on PBS. I also sit on our pub board and work with our books department. This past year, I edited two books, Modern Patchwork Home and The Quilting Arts Idea Book and worked on a few special projects for other publications. Between editorial duties for print and online content, there are never enough hours in the day…

Quilting Arts TV features many mixed media techniques, like this piece Vivika made for the 2300 series, which is embellished with paint, beads, and thread.

How long have you been quilting, and how did you come to it?
I made a quilt for my best friends when they married more than 20 years ago (a log cabin using Eleanor Burns’ book), then promptly put quilting aside for about 12 years.

Vivika’s first quilt was a yarn-tied log cabin quilt.

There was only one other quilter that I know of in my family—a maternal great-grandmother. She made a quilt for my parents when they got married, and I wanted it. When I asked my mother if I could have it for my 3-year-old’s bed (what was I thinking?!), she said, “It looks easy enough. You could make it yourself.” A bit put out, I went to a local quilt shop, bought a few yards of reproduction fabrics, and went to work. I’m so happy she didn’t give it to me then! She eventually wrapped it up for my 40th birthday… and I treasure it.

How have your tastes/interests changed over time?
Not very much! I still love art quilting. I’m enthralled with surface design. Color and color theory are fascinating. I like making art that speaks to my soul and reaches out to others. I am always excited to see a well-made exquisite quilt, no matter the genre.

What excites you for the future?
I love seeing our next generation of quilters push the boundaries and rules of quilting to their limits. Graphic and bold modern quilts, quilts with a message of social justice, and those that tell stories speak to me, and I’m happy to have played a role in bringing the best of the best to our readers.

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