Mended Reader Challenge

Detail of a nine-patch fragment mini quilt by Jude Hill.

Patching holes, stitching up seams, gluing things back together—sewing often mirrors events in our lives. To create a joyous, productive life we are called upon to bring disparate elements such as family, work, art, and self-care together, much as we bring fabrics and thread together to make a quilt. Sometimes, the fabric of our lives tears—and then we are called upon to mend it. Darned patches and repaired gaps define and enrich our experiences. Celebrate the marks and memories on the quilt of your soul with a piece of art!

Join fellow Quilting Arts readers and create an art quilt based on the theme “Mended.” Share your quilt with us and we’ll publish a sampling of readers’ artwork in the February/March 2019 issue.


  1. Create an art quilt based on the theme, “Mended.” The quilt can be any shape as long as each side is between 6″ and 12″. For this particular challenge, the quilt must include hand stitching.
  2. Embellishments must not protrude more than 1/2″ from the surface of the quilt. The quilt may be made with any materials, but it must be quilted (by hand, machine, or both), consist of three layers, and closed along the edges.
  3. Your entry must be free of any text or images protected by copyright, unless you have the expressed written permission from the person or institution that holds the copyright and you provide that written permission with your submission.
  4. To be considered for the challenge, attach two jpeg images of your completed entry to your email—one of the entire quilt, including all of the edges, and one of a detail of the quilt by August 26, 2018 to, with “Mended” in the subject line. Please include your name, email address, title of the quilt, and a brief statement about your piece in the email. You may submit more than one quilt, but each entry must be in an individual email.
  5. To learn tips for photographing your Reader Challenge submission, visit
  6. On August 29, 2018, we will post the finalists at Please be sure to check this post, as artists will not be notified directly.

Note: By submitting your Reader Challenge entry, you are authorizing F+W to publish your project in upcoming publications and promotional materials, on our websites and in other e-media, as well as to possibly display it at shows. F+W will not be held responsible for loss or damage due to circumstances beyond our control.

If you have questions, contact Katie at

Featured image: Detail of a nine-patch fragment mini quilt by Jude Hill. Photo by Larry Stein.


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