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If you love Quilting Arts TV, you won’t want to miss out on this brand-new project compilation eBook! Explore written instructions for your favorite projects featured in Quilting Arts TV Series 1500.

Episode 1501: Wool Flower Pincushion by Sue Spargo; Giant Hexagon Quilt by Leslie Tucker Jenison

Episode 1502: Easy Mitered Corner Place Mats by Amy Ellis; Make a 6″-Grid T-shirt Quilt by Martha DeLeonardis

Episode 1503: Fabric Collage Quilt by Jamie Fingal; ‘Sweet Little Somethings’Collages by Leslie Tucker Jenison

Episode 1504: Layered Imagery with Thermofax® Screens by Lyric Montgomery Kinard; 3-D Textile Painting by Roxane Lessa

Episode 1505: Cutting T-shirt Blocks for Memory Quilts by Trish Bowman; Quilting The Sketch Embroidered jacket and apron by Susan Brubaker Knapp; Thread Sketching by Liz Kettle

Episode 1506: Rebel Quilting with Stencils by Jamie Fingal; Suminigashi Marbling on Fabric by Cheryl Sleboda; Creating Surface Design with ColorPerfect by Rebekah Meier

Episode 1507: Quilts from a Child’s Drawing by Tammie Bowser; Modern Memory Quilt by Lesley Riley

Episode 1508: Painted Fabric Patchwork Pillow by Rebekah Meier; Selecting Fabrics: Color and Value by Tammie Bowser; Sculptured Silk by Roxane Lessa

Episode 1509: Feather Your Nest Owl Quilt by Pearl Krush; Scissors Fob by Julie Creus; Easy Grocery Tote by Kristine Lundblad

Episode 1510: Cross Quiltby Kristine Lundblad

Episode 1511: Pinwheel Pincushion by Amy Ellis; Drunkard’s Path and Curved Piecing by Angela Pingel

Episode 1512: Fragment Fabric Books by Lesley Riley; Scrappy Raw-edge Appliqué by Angela Pingel; Magical Mylar Using specialty fabrics in quilts by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Episode 1513: Wool Appliqué Basics by Sue Spargo; Insulated Bottle Carrier by Teri Tope; Beaded Velvet Cuff Bracelet by Liz Kettle

Bonus episode Modern Crazy Quilt Needlecase by Catherine Redford

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