Modern Patchwork November/December 2017

As your journey with modern quilting takes you on new adventures, whether in your own backyard or abroad, I hope you take a few hours and plant yourself in front of some art—some great art—for inspiration.



Featured Articles

Quilting as Commentary

“Stop” by Chawne Kimber (Photo courtesy of Chawne Kimber) and “Quilt for Equality” by Eric Suszynski (Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, courtesy of Michigan State University Museum)

Textiles have always been connected to activism, from suffragists sewing protest banners to Hmong refugees in Southeast Asia embroidering images of war onto story cloths. The intersection of quilt making and human rights is explored in a traveling exhibit currently at the Pick Museum of Anthropology at Northern Illinois University.


Made Modern: On Minimalism

“And Therto I Plight Thee My Troth” and “Troth (Pride Flag)” by Thomas Knauer (Photos courtesy of the artist)

The thing about Minimalism is that, despite appearances, it has very little
to do with simplicity. While this may seem paradoxical, allow me to
offer an analogy: a chess player not only tries to win a match but to do
so in the fewest possible moves—to produce not just a victory but an elegant
one. The same holds for minimalist quilts—they represent an effort to produce
extraordinary effects with just a few elements, an elegance of economy.


Double the Fun

“I’ve Got Your Back” and it’s reverse side “Reverse Champion” by Cindy Wiens.

Learn how to highlight the reverse side of a quilt as its own project. Cindy Wiens shares her journey from making quilt backs consisting of a single fabric to experimenting with ideas and techniques for the backs of her quilts. Plus, she shares quick tips for the ‘backs’ of two-sided quilts.


Meet Dan Rouse

Dan Rouse along with a detail of his quilt “Orange Lizard” (Photo courtesy of the artist)

Dan Rouse’s quilts are anything but static. As a landscape designer in his daily work, he focuses on movement and how he wants someone to feel as they move through a space. His goal is no different in his quilts.


Quilts & Projects

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“Medallion Magic” by Leanne Parsons

“Every Which Way” by Denise Russell


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