Modern Quilt Squares: 6 Free Quilt Block Patterns

Free quilting block patterns

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Free quilting block patterns!The simple 9 square block quilt is often where we all began our quilting adventure, but the design possibilities for quilt blocks don’t need to stop there! Quilt squares can be as simple as a cutout square (or patch) of one piece of fabric, or as complex as several pieces stitched or sewed together. Quilting blocks allow quilters to play with shapes and combinations, such as triangles, curvilinear shapes, and more along with color and overall design. These pieces are then creatively stitched together to create beautiful quilts that are sure to be cherished for years.

In this free collection from The Quilting Company, we’ve gathered six of our favorite designs to share with you. From a birdhouse block to log cabin coaster squares, blocks that show off machine quilting to applique, there’s a fun quilt waiting for you to discover! Download all six modern takes on traditional quilt blocks today!

Get all six of these free quilt block patterns with this collection.
Have fun being square with this free collection of quilt square patterns!

Although quilt block designs are generally thought as more traditional, these four quilt artists have given their creations a more modern flair. Start by learning a simple method for applique, one that you can use in your other designs as well as this block quilt. Then learn how various cuts and combinations of fabric used for quilting blocks and quilting squares can give you a truly unique look. Whether you choose one or make them all, you are sure to find the perfect pattern for easy quilt blocks to fit your needs. Download for free to get started.

Easy Quilt Blocks: Birdhouse Rock Quilt by Tina Givens

Project #1: Birdhouse Rock Quilt by Tina Givens

A favorite of the free easy quilt block patterns, this sweet quilt incorporates one simple birdhouse block, nine unique fabrics, and one clever little pattern. Tina included two solids to help break up the print fabrics, however, the blocks look good in any mix of fabrics.

Applique Quilt Blocks: A Dotty Garden by Sarah Fielke

Project #2: A Dotty Garden by Sarah Fielke

This quilt is great for beginner quilters to learn the basics of using templates and how to easily applique quilt blocks. Also included are detailed instructions on piecing, borders and finishing to help your blocks come together easily.

Quilt Squares to Make: Rubik's Crush by Ashley Newcomb

Project #3: Rubiks Crush by Ashley Newcomb

This design is the perfect way to showcase your favorite fabric collection, especially one with large-scale prints. The quilt provides plenty of interest with a combination of simple quilt blocks and more intricate pieced quilt squares. The size makes it a perfect quilt for the couch, or you could increase (or decrease) the number of squares to make a bed or crib quilt.

Quilt Square Patterns: Quilted Shower Curtain by Jina Barney (for Riley Blake Designs)

Project #4: Quilted Shower Curtain by Jina Barney (for Riley Blake Designs)

This simple design for a colorful shower curtain is sure to jazz up any bathroom. You’ll be working with two types of squares: a snowball block and an Irish Chain block. Jina selected fabrics from a Riley Blake Designs collection, but the colors and prints for your quilt square patterns can be easily customized to match your decor. It’s quick and easy to piece and to make up with various numbers of squares for other decors.
Simple Quilt Blocks: Linen Square Block Quilt by Siobhan Rodgers

Project #5: Linen Square Block Quilt by Siobhan Rodgers

The simple quilt blocks in Siobhan’s pattern pair lively prints with soft, natural linen. The linen blocks and background also show off the beautiful stitching by Kim Bradley.

Block Quilt Coasters: Scrappy Log Cabin Coasters by Kathryn Morrison

Project #6: Scrappy Log Cabin Coasters by Kathryn Morrison

These coasters feature a modern take on one of Kathryn’s favorite traditional quilt blocks, the log cabin. Using irregularly sized logs results in simple but dynamic quilt block designs.

What are you waiting for? Get the best tips on block quilt patterns and add a creative touch to your home today!

Quilting blocks for quilts is easy with the help of this free download.
Whether to show off your favorite fabric collections or to explore new quilt ideas, this collection has projects for every modern quilter’s needs. Heres what you’ll get with this free download:

  • Using a simple birdhouse block repeat and nine unique fabrics, the Birdhouse Rock Quilt is perfect for experimenting with the many uses of blocks in designs.
  • Then get tips from an expert quilter on how to easily applique blocks to create the flowery, fanciful A Dotty Garden quilt you can display proudly.
  • Rubiks Crush is the perfect block quilt to show off your favorite fabric collection and is easy to increase or decrease to create the perfect size quilt.
  • The simple Quilted Shower Curtain uses colorful and striking prints to make a statement in your bathroom.
  • Scrappy Log Cabin Coasters take a modern approach to a traditional technique, with drink worthy results.
  • Show off your stitch work with the beautiful Linen Square-Block Quilt pattern and combine linen with bright colored prints for a stunning finished quilt.

Whether you make one or all six of these beautiful block quilt patterns, you are sure to be inspired by this free collection of patterns for quilting blocks. Download the entire eBook to get started today.

*By providing your email address you will begin to receive our newsletters, special offers and more free content from The Quilting Company.

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