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Heres an easy way to put a modern patchwork twist on simple quilt squares: insert a decorative strip of fabric.

Detail from Stones, a modern quilt featuring irregular angles and inserted strips.From Quilting From Every Angle by Nancy Purvis.

This trick, taken from Nancy Purviss new book Quilting From Every Angle, is an easy way to achieve the look of improvised piecing so popular in modern quilting.

You can add a strip to just one fabric square or all of them, use the same fabric to unify the design or different fabrics to add color and movement.

Angle the strips all the same or mix them up.

Here are the directions:

1. Lay a square of fabric right side up. Place a strip of contrasting fabric-about an inch longer than the width of the square-on top, right side down. Position it at any angle you want.

2. Sew along one edge of the strip using a 1/4 inch (6mm) seam. Lock or backstitch at the start and end of stitching.

modern quilt piecing strips
Add an angled strip in just three steps. By Nancy Purvis.

3. Trim off the fabric from the square, flip it right side down (see diagram), and sew the fabric you just trimmed off back onto the other side of the strip. Press the seams open.

There you have it! To learn more about how to design, piece and sew angles to create modern quilts, take a look at Quilting From Every Angle.

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