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English artist Lucie Summers’s fabrics and quilting projects should be familiar to readers of our publications. Her modern quilting techniques, cheerful colors, and contemporary screen print designs with a hint of Scandinavian style stand out from the crowd.

Fabric designer and quilt artist Lucie Summers.

Lucie sells her own hand-printed fabrics in her Etsy store and also designs quilting fabrics for Moda Fabrics. Her new book, Quilt Improv: Incredible Modern Quilts from Everyday Inspirations has just been published, so I thought I would share a Q&A with this funny, imaginative quilt artist originally posted on our sister website at Stitch Craft Create UK.

How did you get into improv quilting?
“I’ve always wanted to do things ‘my way’ and not create quilts the same as anyone else! Improv quilting appealed to me because, however hard you try, it’s difficult to replicate it exactly.”

What do you enjoy most about making quilts?
“My favourite thing is piecing. I love to just sit and stitch and see what happens. I rarely have a plan-I just let it evolve. The ideas happen when I’m actually working.”

How would you describe your style?
“Eclectic and colourful, sometimes bohemian, sometimes minimalistic. I like lots of different things and it depends on my mood so I find it hard to pin it down one style. I admire clean Scandinavian style, but I also like a vintage look, and sometimes a more monochromatic, raw feel.”

What inspired the projects featured in the book?
“I find really ordinary things interesting, like a row of pegs hanging on a line or a pile of cut logs, and I’m forever taking photos on my phone when I’m out and about–it drives my family mad! The quilts in the book are inspired by a collection of images like this and I’ve tried to interpret them in a ‘quilty’ way.”

modern quilting by lucie summers
Modern quilt art by Lucie Summers.

What is your favourite quilting technique and why?

“I love piecing curves so I’m very fond of ‘drunkard’s path. ‘I call my version of it ‘really drunk drunkard’s path.’”

Do you have any top tips for beginner quilters?
“Create what you love to do and don’t be ruled by what you ‘should’ do. And learn how to use a rotary cutter properly! You don’t need a ton of fancy equipment either–a simple sewing machine that does straight stitch and a rotary cutter, mat and ruler will take you a long way.”

What is the best creative advice you have ever been given?
“Do you know what? I’m not sure I’ve ever been given any! I remember my mum saying to me ‘measure twice, cut once’ when I was younger, but that doesn’t really apply to improv quilting!”

Discover just how simple it is to get started with improv quilting for yourself with Lucie Summers’ book, Quilt Improv.

P.S. What’s the best creative advice you’ve ever been given? Leave your comment below.

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