Monday’s Washday: A Visit with Heidi Pridemore

Today were excited to welcome designer Heidi Pridemore as a guest blogger on Quilty Pleasures! Heidi is going to tell us about her whimsical new quilt, Mondays Washday:

Mondays Washday

43 x 52

Designed by Heidi Pridemore

Heidi Pridemore Mondays Washday: A Visit with Heidi PridemoreHello fellow quilters, I am so happy to be a guest blogger for Quiltmaker. I am also excited to share my Mondays Washday quilt that is featured in the May/June 17 issue #175.

I used the beautiful line of fabric called Frou Frou, distributed by Clothworks. The fabrics are from France and have a lovely lightweight silky feel to them. The Frou Frou collection is so cool because the line is never discontinued and they also offer a full line of matching spaghetti straps, bias tapes and buttons to go with the different prints mostly for garment construction.

When I was approached to design a quilt for this group. I thought, why not create a quilt that represents what the collection was designed for by creating little dresses? I thought of paper doll dresses from my youth and used this as additional inspiration for the design. I also knew I wanted to incorporate the trims and buttons from the collection into the design. So I decided to use the spaghetti straps for the straps and belts for the appliqued dresses. I used the matching buttons for the flowers on the quilt. Here are some photos of how I assembled the quilt top.

heidi pridemore 1 Mondays Washday: A Visit with Heidi Pridemore

First I assembled all the tools I would need. I had the dresses, cut and ready to go. I also used a piece of wax paper and glue stick, along with sharp scissors for this part.

heidi pridemore 2 Mondays Washday: A Visit with Heidi Pridemore

First I cut the belts from the spaghetti strap for the dresses about 1/4 longer on each side of the dress. Then I used the glue stick to attach the spaghetti strap strips to the dresses. I centered the belt onto the dress and then folded the excess to the back of the dress and glued them in place. This created a finished edge on each side of the belt.

heidi pridemore 3 Mondays Washday: A Visit with Heidi Pridemore

Then I started an assembly line to finish all the dresses.

heidi pridemore 5 Mondays Washday: A Visit with Heidi Pridemore

Next I added the straps to each dress, again using the glue stick to attach them to the wrong side of the dresses.

heidi pridemore 6 Mondays Washday: A Visit with Heidi Pridemore

Now it was time to hang the dresses on the clothesline. First I positioned the clothesline onto the background and used the glue stick to hold it in place.

heidi pridemore 7 Mondays Washday: A Visit with Heidi Pridemore

I started with the dress in the middle of each curve and positioned the rest of the dresses in place. I tucked the dress straps under the clothesline by carefully peeling up the clothesline and then pressed the dresses in place.

Once all the dresses were in place I used a blanket stitch to stitch the dresses, clothesline, belts and straps in place. I used a lime green thread from Aurifil to finish all the edges.

Next I used the glue stitch method to position and place each stem in between the dresses. I finished the edges of each with a blanket stitch.

For the buttons, I use the Button Foot for my BERNINA to machine stitch each button in place. To keep them from sliding around as I stitched, I used my old standby, the glue stick to hold them in place. This made quick work of attaching the buttons.

I hope you have enjoyed the behind the scenes look at how this sweet quilt was made.

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Happy Quilting,


* * *

Thank you for joining us today, Heidi!

If youd like to make Mondays Washdayand dont have a copy of ourMay/June 17issue,print and digital copiesare available in our online store.

Adigital patternis also available forMondays Washday.

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