Mystery Quilt Binge Part 1 of 4: Re-Visiting Walk in the Park

We’ve all gone a little Mystery Quilt Mad over here at the Quilting Company. In the past few months, we’ve had a Halloween mystery quilt, a Thanksgiving table runner mystery quilt, and a Holiday mystery quilt. All of the previous mystery quilts had a lively Facebook group following, too, and it’s super-fun to see what everyone is up to!

We have a fresh mystery quilt series queued up (watch for it in February 2019!), along with the Facebook group, and we bet you’ll just love it!

Walk in the Park mystery quilt, Color Option #1

Walk in the Park mystery quilt, Color Option #1

Walk in the Park Mystery Quilt

In the meantime, in this quiet, stay-at-home-and-laze period between Christmas and New Year’s when so many of us indulge in a little binge-quilting, we thought we’d pull a favorite mystery quilt from our archives, and just tear right through it!

Walk in the Park mystery quilt, Color Option #2

Walk in the Park mystery quilt, Color Option #2


Walk in the Park, by Debbie Caffrey, originally appeared as a series in Quiltmaker magazine in 2015.

And while we binge-quilt clue-by-clue, we’ll probably over-indulge on other quilt-y pleasures.

Walk in the Park mystery quilt, Color Option #3

Walk in the Park mystery quilt, Color Option #3

One “binge” unique to quilters and sewers is fabric. We asked staff members what fabrics they just can’t resist binge-acquiring . . .

Tricia Patterson, Editorial Director of the Quilting Company

“I don’t tend to binge on fabrics unless it’s fabric to re-purpose with dye or print making,” says Tricia. “But embellishments are another story. I’m weak for all kinds of yarns and threads, trims, beads, buttons, and crystals. They don’t even have to be new! I’ll binge on finding the perfect junk to adorn a quilted object.”

Anissa Arnold, Associate Editor of McCall’s Quick Quilts

“I binge-buy fat quarters,” says Anissa. “I am a scrappy quilter and a fat quarter addict.” Given that fat quarters are the perfect impulse buy, most of us would ruefully admit to a sizable collection of binge-bought fat quarters…

Carrie Sisk, Social Media Manager for the Quilting Company

Carrie has more self-control than the average quilter. “I don’t binge-buy fabrics, luckily,” she says, “But I do binge-collect. I am a donated-scrap collector who buys yardage when necessary. I’ll give almost any donated fabric a new home—I can’t say no.”

Vivika DeNegre, Content Director Quilting Arts

When it comes to fabric bingeing, Vivika confesses to solids. “I love my solids,” she admits. “Especially if they are hand-dyed.”

Vanessa Lyman, Senior Content Developer for the Quilting Company

“My mother lives in Ohio, and whenever I visit for the holidays, I drop by the Fabric Shack in Waynesville, Ohio, and basically do my binge-buying for the year,” says Vanessa. “Oh, and I stop for pie. I always stop for pie.”

Watch the upcoming newsletters over the next few days for our Mystery Quilt Binge series, and overindulge in the best possible way!

Let’s kick of with clue number 1 from Debbie Caffrey’s Walk in the Park Mystery (PDF)!

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