Mystery Quilt! Mystery of Halloween: Clue 5


Almost there Mystery Quilters…

Are you ready to collect the treat of this Halloween mystery? In Clue #5, the secret of the pieces of the mystery quilt will all fit together. We are assembling our Halloween Quilt. This will get you across the finish line with plenty of time to spare for quilting and binding before the holiday season. If binding makes you a bit batty, check out the Fons & Porter Binding Tool. Learn the tricks of binding with every step of The Quilting Company’s free video series.

Visiting for the first time? Curious about the Halloween Mystery?

Learn more about the series in the Introduction. Still undecided? Check out the progress of our Facebook group #TQCMysteryQuilt for inspiration. You’re never too late for this trick-or-treat! The clues are always available at The Quilting Company.

The links below take you to the previous clues to get you started on my subtly spooky, creepy-crawly cuddly quilt design, a delight for kids of all ages!

Introduction to the Halloween Mystery and Materials List
Clue #1: Mysterious Block X Units
Clue #2: Tricks & Treats Strips and Triangles
Clue #3: Making the X Blocks
Clue #4: Haunting Y and Z Blocks

About This Quilt

I’m using two Northcott collections, Elegantly Frightful and ColorWorks Premium Solids, for my quilt, but you can choose your own fabrics. Visit #TQCMysteryQuilt to find out more about choosing the fabrics for this quilt, and to see examples from other quilters’ projects.

Fabric for halloween mystery quilt


Clue #5: Assembling the Quilt Top

Arrange 6 X Blocks (bats), 6 Y Blocks (spiderwebs), and 6 Z Blocks (alternate spiderwebs) in 6 diagonal rows as shown.

Halloween Mystery Quilt Clue 5, Step 1

Add J triangles to complete the row layouts.

Halloween Mystery Quilt Clue 5, Step 2

Sew 6 diagonal rows, and then sew the rows together.

Halloween Mystery Quilt Clue 5, Step 3

Halloween Mystery Quilt Clue 5, Step 4

Stitch K triangles to corners, centering.

Halloween Mystery Quilt Clue 5, Step 5

Halloween Mystery Quilt Clue 5, Step 6

Trim the quilt edges even all around, 1/4” outside the outer seam intersections, making sure corners are trimmed at 90 degree angles.

Halloween Mystery Quilt Clue 5, Step 7

Layer, baste, and quilt. Bind with 7 bright solid 2 1/2” x WOF strips.

Halloween Mystery Quilt Clue 5, Step 8

You’ve solved The Mystery of Halloween quilt! And, WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUR QUILT!

So, don’t forget to GET SOCIAL! Join us on Instagram and use hashtag #TQCmysteryquilt. And follow our #TQCMysteryQuilt group on Facebook to share your progress (we want to see your pics!), ask me questions, and chat with others making the quilt along the way.

Thank you so much for joining me on this quilting adventure! I hope you’ve enjoyed making the Mystery of Halloween as much as I have.

Be sure to watch for an announcement about The Quilting Company’s next mystery, it’s going to be a feast for your eyes!


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Bitty Boo, Designed by Denise Starck, Quiltmaker September/October 2018

Bitty Boo, Designed by Denise Starck, Quiltmaker September/October 2018

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