Mystery Quilt! Stellar Elegance, Clue 4

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Welcome back to The Quilting Company Mystery Quilt series. Before we get started on Clue #4 here are a few housekeeping notes:

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Tools for Clue #4
For today’s clue you’ll need:

So far we have completed triangles with a square in the middle and flying geese using two fabrics, our light and medium fabrics. Today we’re working with our LIGHT and DARK fabrics.

Now, for a bit of the harder work…

Mystery Quilt Clue #4

I found it easy using the Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt Template I drew and the Tri Recs ruler to cut out the outside triangle patches. Once you have the patches ready, you will be able to whip right through these units. You may find this unit the most challenging, but it’s still easy. Also as a reminder, be sure to set your printer to 100% or “no scaling” before you print your template pdf. LET’S DO THIS!!

LIGHT FABRIC (Assorted tone-on-tones or solids)

• 5 strips 4-3/8” x WOF (Width of Fabric)

Cut 9 templates from each strip. Cut 40 Stellar Mystery Quilt templates total.

(Tips: I stacked my strips and cut at least 4 templates at a time from the 4-3/8” strips. If you have any of the 4-1/4” strips from Clue #1 left, you can try to squeeze a couple of the templates from them.)

Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt Clue 4 - Demo image 1
Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt Clue 4 - Demo image 2
Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt Clue 4 - Demo image 3
Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt Clue 4 - Demo image 4

DARK FABRIC (Assorted tone-on-tone or solids)

• 6 strips 4-3/4” x WOF

Placing two strips right sides together (RST) and using the outside angle of the Tri-Recs (Recs part), cut 40 mirror image sets of these angles. Again, you can stack and cut as many as your rotary cutter blade can handle.

Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt Clue 4 - Demo image 5

Sew these together like you did with the Flying Geese in Clue #2. Pretty easy, huh!!? I’m sure you’ll agree the hardest part was the cutting.

Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt Clue 4 - Demo image 6
Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt Clue 4 - Demo image 7
Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt Clue 4 - Demo image 8

Only two more clues and we will be finished with the Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt. I can’t wait to share Clue #5 to start sewing our units together, YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

Click here to download a PDF version of today’s clue and join the mystery of the Stellar Elegance quilt. Return for the next clue, appearing on June 8th!


P.S. Don’t forget to share your pictures using #TQCmysteryquilt!

Comments (8)

  • Mary Z


    Could you please post the exact dimensions of the template so that I can be sure my printer got it right? Thanks.

    June 4, 2018 at 7:38 pm
    • Tiffany Warble

      Hi Mary!
      I worked with Debi on the template and know the sizes. These two lengths should help you make sure it printed correctly:
      Long side = 5-1/2 inches
      Short side = 3-1/2 inches

      The Quilting Company Team

      June 4, 2018 at 8:05 pm
      • Mary Z

        Thanks so much, Tiffany!

        June 5, 2018 at 9:45 am
      • Mary Z

        Hi, again, Tiffany,

        I have been puzzling over the measurements and I think you should change the directions in clue #4 to read “cut 8 templates from each strip” – not 9. You can’t get 9 strips out of the WOF strip BUT you only need 8. 8X5 is 40. I thought I needed to cut 6 strips when I saw the 9. Not necessary.

        June 5, 2018 at 1:37 pm
  • Linda E

    what time are clues posted?? I don’t see 5 yet

    June 8, 2018 at 6:30 pm

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