Mystery Quilt! Stellar Elegance, Clue 6

Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt - The Big Reveal!

Welcome back to The Quilting Company Mystery Quilt series. Are you ready for the BIG REVEAL?

We have one more clue to share with you to complete the Stellar Elegance quilt top. We’d love to see all the mystery quilts you’ve been making. It’s always fun to see the different fabrics everyone has chosen!

How to Share Your Progress
Get social and share your mystery quilt progress on Instagram! Use hashtag #TQCmysteryquilt to share your fabric selections and every moment along the way. The mystery group is having a lot of excitement with this mystery quilt on Facebook too! Our group is growing with over 1,600 members. Don’t miss the fun, join us today! Debi Montgomery and our staff are available to answer questions.

Important Dates
It’s never too late to join the Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt Series, you can start your own mystery any time. The entire series of clues can be found here:

Are you ready for the big reveal?

We’ll start with some easy cutting. Let’s get that done, then we are off and running to finish the quilt.

Materials and Tools

  • Medium and Dark Fabrics
  • Optional border and binding: I used my light fabric for this. This yardage is included in Clue #1.

Mystery Quilt Clue #6


Medium Fabric (Assorted tone-on-tones or solids)

2 strips 4-3/4” x WOF (Width of Fabric)

  • Cut 9 squares 4-3/4” x 4-3/4”

(Note: I rummaged through my scraps and found another 5” square that I cut down to a 4-3/4” square. If you have a scrap you can use, you only need to cut 1 strip 4-3/4” x WOF.)

Dark Fabric (Assorted tone-on-tones or solids)

2 strips 6½” x WOF (Width of Fabric)

  • Cut 10 squares 6½” x 6½”

Light Fabric (Optional for a 4” Border and Binding)

7 strips 4½” x WOF (Width of Fabric)

  • 2 Side borders: 4½” x 60½” (pieced from 4 WOF strips)
  • 2 Top/Bottom borders: 4½” x 56½” (pieced from 3 WOF strips)

7 strips 2½” x WOF for binding

(Note: Adding the 4” border is optional. You can add any type of border. I used light fabric for my border. The Stellar Elegance design looks terrific without a border or you can even choose to add a pieced border. The choice is yours!)

Make Blocks 1 and 2

Using a medium 4-3/4” square for the center, join 2 Kite Unit 2’s (clue #4), 2 Kite Triangle units (clue #5) to make a block 1. Make 5.

Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt - Final Block #1

Block 1

In the same manner, sew together a dark 6½” square, 2 Flying Geese units (clue #2) and 2 Flying Geese Squares units (clue #5) to make a block 2.

Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt - Final Block #2

Block 2


Refer to the diagram below for block placement. Alternately place block 1 and 2 to join 4 blocks in each of 5 rows.

Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt - Assembly Diagram

Assembly Diagram

Stellar Elegance Mystery Quilt 2x2 Block Example for My Finished Quilt

2×2 Block Example from My Finished Quilt

If you are adding a border, add a border strip to each side (see optional cutting above) followed by the top and bottom.

I finished my quilt with a 2-1/2” binding.

My final Stellar Elegance was a king size quilt using the medium color for the border and binding. See my variation and share your BIG REVEAL on our Facebook page.

I can’t wait to see your version of Stellar Elegance!

Thank you for joining me in the Stellar Elegance Mystery.

Download a PDF version of today’s clue and, don’t forget to share pictures of your progress!


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