Mystery Quilt Binge 3 of 4: Re-Visiting Walk in the Park

mystery quilt

The patchwork binge continues with clue #3 for Walk in the Park!

Walk in the Park mystery quilt, Color Option #1

Originally published in Quiltmaker magazine in 2015, we’re revisiting Debbie Caffrey’s mystery quilt as a self-indulgent, stress-release in the post-holiday peace.

Walk in the Park mystery quilt, Color Option #2

No surprise, quilters tend to binge on podcasts and audiobooks while we work. With all the transitions from sewing machine to ironing board to cutting table, a story that we can follow while moving is key.

Walk in the Park mystery quilt, Color Option #3

We asked staff members about what they listened to while they worked.

Vanessa Lyman, Senior Content Developer for the Quilting Company
“Last year, I tackled a quilt that was rather challenging for me. I listened to a lengthy podcast on World War 1 while I worked, called Blueprint for Armageddon , that was just riveting,” says Vanessa, a self-confessed history buff. “And I have to admit, it made the frustrating bits of the project seem less so, at least in retrospect. Maybe because when I had to ‘un-sew,’ it felt less like a waste of time, because I was learning so much.”

Tricia Patterson, editorial director of the Quilting Company
Tricia likes the educational podcasts, too. “I’m intrigued by the research about the brain, human behavior, learning and creativity, the theories around mindfulness and, of course—quilting, quilting, and quilting,” she says. “And I’m a bit embarrassed to say, but here it is—I turn on the TV to CNN and just let it go. I’m a news junkie.”

Vivika DeNegre, Content Director Quilting Arts
Vivika is definitely an audiobook listener. What does she listen to as she works? “Beloved classics and mysteries such as the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny,” she says.

Lori Baker, editor of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting
“I don’t do audiobooks, really, but I do like to listen to oldies on the radio,” says Lori. And like Tricia, she’ll leave the television going. “I frequently have NCIS on when I’m sewing. I’ve seen the reruns so often, I don’t mind if I miss part of it. I know the whole story anyway!”

Anissa Arnold, Associate Editor of McCall’s Quick Quilts
Anissa is in the same boat. “I typically put the TV on a channel with reruns of old shows,” says Anissa, “so that I can listen, but don’t have to watch.”

And now that our friends in F+W’s sewing group have started their own podcast, called Sew & Tell, I guarantee you that we’ll be tuning in as we sew!

Without further ado, here’s clue #3!

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