Mystery Quilt Binge 4 of 4: Re-Visiting Walk in the Park

In this final installment of our Mystery Quilt Binge series, we get to the big reveal for Debbie Caffrey’s Walk in the Park!

Walk in the Park mystery quilt, Color Option #1

This clue, which originally appeared in Quiltmaker’s September/October issue, is the final installment in a post-holiday patchwork binge. If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve been sharing our other little personal quilting indulgences.

Walk in the Park mystery quilt, Color Option #2

When it comes to quilting, we all treat ourselves to, well, treats. What little indulgences do Quilting Company staff members nibble on while working?

Walk in the Park mystery quilt, Color Option #3

Tricia Patterson, editorial director of the Quilting Company
“Chocolate snickers bars, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate tootsie rolls, chocolate turtles, chocolate Ghirardelli squares… See a theme here?” Tricia says. “I have them all separated into nice little glass containers in my pantry, right now.”

Vanessa Lyman, Senior Content Developer for the Quilting Company
“Everyone seems embarrassed to admit to the sweets they eat. You know what I do? I will eat entire blocks of cheddar while I quilt. It’s ridiculous,” says Vanessa. “If I had a penny for every time I went to the fridge and heard myself mutter, ‘Where’d all the cheese go…?’

Vivika DeNegre, Content Director Quilting Arts
“Almonds, raisins, and dried apples,” says Vivika. Then she adds, “OK, truth now—chips, pretzels, and cookies.”

Lori Baker, editor of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting
“At Christmas time? Cereal candy!” says Lori. “It’s a family tradition from when I was a child. I still make several batches every year at Christmas time.”

Everyone’s favorite binge, though, is totally fat-free—patchwork! Indulge with clue #4!


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Watch for more mystery quilts series in our newsletters from, and you can always find special patchwork treats in the pages of Quiltmaker!

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