New Traditional Quilt Patterns and More

Newly released traditional quilt patterns

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There are new patterns! New quilts! New projects! Do you love when fresh patterns hit the store? So many new possibilities! We’ve added patterns in all shapes and sizes and all genres! Are you a traditional quilter? There are options for you. Do you prefer a modern aesthetic? Plenty of patterns to try too. What about that ever elusive and subjective modern-traditional quilt? There’s a pattern or two to fulfill that need too. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite new patterns!

“Patriot” • Angela Huffman

“Patriot” • Angela Huffman

For the traditional quilter

The “Patriot” quilt pattern by Angela Huffman checks all the boxes for me for a traditional pattern. Done in classic white and red, it not only honors the nation but is versatile in design and function. Angela, a master longarm quilter has created stunning quilting design but this quilt would be beautiful quilted in any way. Not a fan of the red stars? Make this quilt in a multitude of colorways to suit any need.

“Mountain Joy” • Kate Colleran | Photo by Matt Graves

“Mountain Joy” • Kate Colleran | Photo by Matt Graves

For the modern quilter

Kate Colleran’s quilt, “Mountain Joy” uses triangles in various shades of gray, taupe, and purple to give the illusion of triangles intersecting each other—combining for almost a stained glass effect. With clean lines and an off-center focal point, this quilt is great for the modern quilter. Experiment with your own colors to get the same transparency effect, or stick with Kate’s color choices. The hues in this quilt remind me of an early morning mountainscape with the fog just blowing off—how beautiful!

“Adventure Awaits” • Kelli Marshall | Photo by Hornick Rivlin Studio

“Adventure Awaits” • Kelli Marshall | Photo by Hornick Rivlin Studio

For the modern traditionalist

The “Adventure Awaits” quilt by Kelli Marshall checks all the boxes. Flying Geese and Half-Square Triangles combine to make this star quilt recognizably traditional but also oh-so modern. The diagonal placement of the rows of stars hints at the modern mindset, whereas the placement of the fading bands of colors (from grey to green to olive to navy to grey again) create a striking pattern. With lots of structured space this quilt begs for creative quilting—so choose your machine of choice and go wild!

Pick your poison

Whether you’re a traditional quilter, a modern quilter, or somewhere in between, we’ve got an amazing selection of new patterns for you to try! Can’t choose just one? Check out the curated bundles available now.

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