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Hi! Welcome back to Charmed, I’m Sure. Each month I share new patterns using the addicting little 5” charm squares. You can find past blogs and patterns here.  This simple pattern that I’m going to share with you today calls for using the no mark stitch and flip method to add small squares to corners of a larger square. Many years ago, Donna Amos, a member of the 2011 Quiltmaker Scrap Squad shared her no mark stitch-and-flip method that Diane Harris blogged about here. This has been one of Quiltmaker’s most popular blog posts, so I wanted to share it again with you now. I used this method of stitch-and-flip using a business card when making the fall version of this quilt, shown below, and it really sped up my sewing time.

No mark stitch and flipcharmed-im-sure-no-mark-stitch-flip-Quilt_1With the holidays around the corner, I wanted to share a pattern that’s simple to sew and easily adaptable to any event or occasion.

The first version uses 80 charm squares and 7/8 yard of white solid. Cut the white into 160 – 2½” squares. Use the stitch-and-flip method to add a white square to opposite corners of a charm square.

charmed-im-sure-no-mark-stitch-flip-SNF1 charmed-im-sure-no-mark-stitch-flip-SNF2

Arranging all the charm squares in the same direction, sew the squares into 10 rows of 8 squares each. Sew the rows together. This quilt measures 36” x 45”—perfect for a quick baby or kids quilt.

charmed-im-sure-no-mark-stitch-flip-fall_quiltFor this fall version, I used Autumn Garden by Patrick Lose plus a couple of his light basics. Instead of one fabric for the stitch-and-flip corners, I used a variety of light tone-on-tones and prints. You’ll need 120 medium/dark charms and 60 light charms. Cut each light charm into 4 – 2½” squares.

After the stitch-and-flip corners are sewn on, arrange the charms into 12 rows of 10 squares each. Sew the squares into rows; sew the rows together. This quilt measures 45” x 54”.

Each of these quilts has the charm squares all oriented in one direction. There are other possibilities for how these can be arranged. Here are a few suggestions:

charmed-im-sure-no-mark-stitch-flip-CS_1 charmed-im-sure-no-mark-stitch-flip-CS_2 charmed-im-sure-no-mark-stitch-flip-CS_3

Find more charm square inspiration here.

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