Not Your Typical Christmas Colors!

typical christmas colors

Halloween ended only a few short days ago, so of course, all the stores are stocked full of Christmas decorations. I’d like to say it bothers me that the Christmas decorations seem to appear in the stores earlier and earlier every year, but I’m one of those crazy people that would be thrilled if Christmas was all year long. My whole family loved the yuletide season growing up, I’m not even the biggest lover of the holiday in my family. My younger brother keeps his tree up all year long and changes the decorations depending on the time of the year. My personal favorite is the current Halloween tree. Bless my sister-in-law, she is truly the saint of the family!

Christmas colors

My brother’s Halloween Tree! His family keeps the tree up all year long and changes out the décor depending on the season.

While the traditional red and green color scheme will never go away, I am really enjoying all the different colors that are passing for Christmas colors these days. My person décor is full of burgundy, olive green, and mustard gold, but lately, I’ve noticed that blue, purple and even pink are being added to the mix of holiday colors as well.

Christmas colors

The stores are full of all kinds of Christmas colors.

Working at an office with quilters and sewists is a total blast, especially when there is free stuff being given out. I was lucky enough to grab a really cute fabric Advent calendar. An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Most of them are made of paper and each day you can pull a prize out of the calendar. It’s usually a little piece of chocolate. Every year, my daughter looks forward to doing an Advent calendar and usually I end up just getting a cheap one at the dollar store. Not this year!

What I loved most of all about the new fabric calendar I got was that it wasn’t in traditional colors. This calendar is full of pink, blue, orange, and lime green. The calendar is just a fabric top, so I decided to create a pieced back to go along with the top. I picked out a bunch of fat quarters in bright matching colors and I even found a great orange and cranberry fabric with a fun star pattern and a really bright circle patterned fabric. All I needed was a design to piece together with all the fabrics.

Christmas colors

Look at all these fun colorful fat quarters!

PineNeedles” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Winter Cheer is the latest Block of the Month program at The Quilting Company. The quilt features freshly nostalgic colors and playful Christmas prints from Riley Blake Designs, I thought it would be a great place to find a fun block design for the quilt back. The Winter Cheer quilt is designed by Denise Russell and the program uses a variety of techniques to make flying-geese, triangle-squares, square-in-a-square, and quarter-squares. I decided to try block number 1 of the quilt pattern. It included partial seams and flying geese techniques, both of which I hadn’t tried before.

Christmas colors

PineNeedles” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Winter Cheer Quilt and Block 1. Learn more at Pine Needles! Brought to you by Riley Blake Designs.

The trickiest part of the block was the partial seams. I had never done them before but with the block of the month program, you get a free instructional video along with free Sew Easy instructions. Once I got the partial seam started, it really was “so easy”, and I was thrilled with the final results. Next, I got to attempt flying geese and thanks again to the Sew Easy instructions, I got them done in a few steps and finished up the block.

Christmas colors

Taking the partial seams slowly and one step at a time made for great results.

Christmas colors

Flying Geese were a breeze to create in bulk, thanks to the Sew Easy instructions.

To complete the back of the quilt, I just add strips to the block. I was really happy with the final look I got with the back. The colors may not be the traditional Christmas colors, but that’s one of the many wonderful things I loved about this project. Now I just need to wait till it’s actually closer to the holidays to enjoy this great addition to my home Christmas décor.

Christmas colors

The back of my Advent calendar is good to go.

Happy Holiday Sewing!
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Featured Image: Advent calendar I was given at work. I loved that it wasn’t in traditional Christmas colors.

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